Planet X / Nibiru and related topics too extreme for the mainstream

Earth changes (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.) and extreme weather that could be caused by Planet X.
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There are some that believe that from around 2004 to present the earth's axis has shifted a few times and as a result the change in axis position is fairly significant and might potentially cause the earth to lie on its side like the planet uranus if it continues to slip. This would result in catastrophic changes in climate/season cycle.

The shift is mainly attributed to the very large earth quakes as well as northern polar ice melt. But I can't recall if I've ever seen anyone associate the axis tilt shift with Planet X / or Nibiru.

So I've been really curious about this after just coming across this by chance awhile back while surfing and doing some google searches.

The thing is however, while I tend to not draw conclusions till I see or have solid proof, there just doesn't seem to be enough facts/evidence to easily convince me that there has been a shift or significant shift in our axis tilt. But that said, I can't say there hasn't been one because I never really kept track or kept any record or observation prior to reading about this possibility.

To make things worse for the side that claims this has happened though is that there is hardly any attention given to this even on alternative websites. There are a few but nothing recent and nothing convincing enough in my opinion.

I would love to know if anyone has anything to share either way..even just opinions are fine. I don't hear too much about this so I'm curious what people think.

Anyone notice a change in the sun position ie. where it rises, sets or its position is at a certain time of day that's now different than it used to be?
It is interesting that at each fly by, Planet X has a different affect on Planet Earth. The first was by far the most devastating (The Flood), then the 10 plagues incident on the Earth and now we are experiencing wild weather, sinkholes and hot and dry spots on the planet. Fairbanks, AK checked in with 88F the other day and Texas is getting slammed with torrential rains while India is burning up....Crazy indeed...:)
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