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Just to get things started:

If you have a fenced yard, a spool of barbed wire can add another level of security to it. It's relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

If you have annoying sticker bushes growing around your property you might think twice about keeping them and taking cuttings to spread around any kind of traffic areas, sticker bushes under windows will deter possible intruders.

Sealed buckets with lids or tupperware containers sealed with duct tape filled with supplies can be buried in the yard away from the house. Point being, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

You might want to start storing water ahead of time before water is turned off in your area. That's true for almost anything but if you're short on money, start using what you have readily available to you.
They are some very good points, to add to this if you do not have a bicycle you may want to get one or two as transportation will be non existent. If you know in advance that the SHTF then fill up your bathtub with water and you can also use your hot water heater as a supply of water also.
Stress Test Your Family: If you want to get a feel for how your family might fair in stressful situations try having some camp outs in the back yard this summer, but not your typical camp outs.

1. Make it a family event.
2. For the first camp out plan it for a fun night. Set up your tent, cook your dogs and smores over a fire (or grill if you're in the city). Just make some rules like "no cell phones, no going into the house, everyone stays out until sunrise...rough it a little bit but make it an enjoyable night so the kids will want to do it again.
3. Try it a second time, but this time cut out some of the conveniences, like maybe serve canned beans over the fire and have water to drink. House is off limits for everything!
4. Try it a third time, now this time cut back even more, maybe only have water for the night. No fire to sit around. See how everyone does being bored. Maybe throw an hour into the night where everyone must stay completely quiet..

Be creative with this. You know your family best so put them to the test. It might just save a life. If you don't have a yard, set up an area in your apartment with draped blankets and sheets or whatever you'd like to try.

You get the will learn very quickly what you might be dealing with in stressful times.
People should have an adequate water supply on hand, along with food that doesn't need refrigeration and possibly cooking either. Winter is coming... if there is suddenly no power, you will need a heat source. Kerosene heaters are a good investment but could mean storing a supply of kerosene. They can be used for heating food as well. Another heat source that is cheap and only requires candles is to get some clay pots... the kind used for plants, with the drain hole in bottom. Light the candle and place under the upside down clay pot. I know that sounds funny, but a few of these will heat a room enough to not freeze to death. Just have plenty of candles!

A good trick for light at night is to get some solar lights that are used to light pathways at homes. They can be found at any home improvement store and even at the dollar stores. Put them in the sun during the day and bring them in at night. Will save on candles.

And please remember to supply for your pets!
Some great info guys and girls!!! Thanks!
Wire, para cord, battery operated security lights, plenty extra batteries, am radio, two way radios, plenty of trash bags, post hole digger (waste), tp, fish line, antibiotics, Apple cider vinegar, baking soda, bleach, first aid, flesh stapler, sewing kit, cocoon sleeping bags, hammocks, hand saws and tools, DC water pumps, DC heating elements, water storage tanks, weapons/air rifle, plenty of ammo, minimum 12 mo food supply, Fruit/vegtible seeds.The list can go on and on however just a handful of items. The more you have the longer you can hunker down and keep your family safe. Just assume no more hardware or grocery store or electricity.

Also think of safe place to be for extremely high winds. That can be difficult without a bunker so keep it in the back of your mind. Try and establish where any 4ft plus larger road culverts are at. Know your area of safe haven extremely well. Btw fish line tied off to pop/beer cans strung across areas for intruders works well for security also. Not a bad idea to think of little boobie traps that may work in and around your particular place of interest.

NOTE: Ck YouTube videos on how to charge 12 car/deep cycle batteries with a bike or flowing creek or stream.
Get saved and share it with others. Do you want to survive this? Knowings whats to come after I'd rather not.
Sonshine wrote: Get saved and share it with others. Do you want to survive this? Knowings whats to come after I'd rather not.

That's the beauty of being human. We have choices. Mine is to continue my journey on this planet as long as I possibly can. I have a son and wife to take care of and help as many others as possible. No one knows just how bad it will be so don't give up. Undoubtably from what I understand the majority of us will be less fortunate. Its easy to say or think it would be best to just be taken immediately however when it comes right down to it our nature is to survive regardless. Personally I think we should look at the time of passing to be an opportunity to take this planet back and rebuid for future generations to come. Imagine a life without all this bs we live daily. Between the elite and powers at be are destroying everything we stand for. If your anticipation is hunger games then yes I see your point but we're not gonna let that happen if we plan and prepare wisely.

Get away from the coastlines!
Amen to that jread4783

Blooming amen!
I to have a wife and kids, I am buying food for as many ppl as I can! All the people we have told, know our plans, they will all of a sudden realise and be right there behind you.

I add this to your post, yes we get rid of the elite and all the bull!! The most important thing I believe after surviving is how we rebuild??? I will share my food , my water , my everything with everyone!! I will die sharing before I become like the rulers of our world today!! Live as one, die as one.

What would Jesus do??

We have eternal life , we can choose how we live out our final days so let's not be like the elite and governments and Devils of this world as it is today
Very well said. I'm with you 100%.
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