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hi all
Hello and welcome :)
Hello guys! Glad to be a part of the forum, I look forward to the info from this site!

Hello lcthedon12, and welcome!
Hi from montreal Canada ;)
Hello and welcome!
Just wanted to say Hi , I'm a little rusty at this kinda thing as I overdosed on forums back in 00's haven't bothered since , BUT , times are getting interesting and as a regular to Terral's black star updated on U Tube he gave a link to this site.
I live in Wales and have been studying the earth/ nature changes closely and also the man made manipulation that's in full force currently along with the geo political situation .
As I say to my family and friends...... You can't make this stuff up!!! It's a crazy time we live in ( but only if you take your head out of the sand, ditch the corporate media and connect the dots and do your own research.
My own journey began with an "out of the box" experience that according to science shouldn't have happened , I don't expect nor will I try to convince anyone what happened to me that started me off on this journey to find the answers ( bring a christian I only need faith ) but as an engineers living in Wales it's in my blood to dig for the truth .
Going very briefly back to what started me on the journey , I'm sure many of you may have seen on u tube film footage of those red glowing orbs they make patterns and appear and disappear , well maybe I can share my story fully in a forum topic at a later date , but I had a very close and personal experience with one of these a few years back and it changed my complete outlook on what I understood about life and the plane of existence we live in or think we live in.
Anyway sorry for my rambling and thank to Terral for landing me here and to the person or persons behind this great (I'm sure it will be) forum
Greetings Venom500

Definitely wanna hear about that experience you had, very anxious to hear all about it so yeah feel free to make the topic anytime you're ready.

Welcome and thank you for sharing a little about yourself with us and thank you for your kind words and for the positive feel regarding the forum, We here are defintiely with you on that :)
Hello all =]
Searching for Truth in this day and age, is a full time job ~
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