Greetings from New Mexico, USA. I'm an Akurian, and I've joined this discussion group in an offer to set forth a few facts about Nibiru, the Anunnaki, their plans for this planet, the actual timeline for prophesied events -- at least as close as they can be called from where we are at present -- and even propose what to do about it for all those who are interested.

I'm not here to debate the merits or lack thereof of the so-called "experts." I'll just say they all fall short in some way or another. Some of them have done an admirable job of research and fact-gathering; it's their conjectures and efforts to speculate as to what those facts mean or how they are applied to situations today to which I mostly take exception. I'll get to how I know all this soon.

Neither am I here to argue or disparage anyone's beliefs or religion, although it may seem harsh sometimes when the truth of all religious failures and shortfalls are laid bare. It is my hope to awaken a righteous indignation within anyone bold enough to take an honest look at all the pitfalls and myriad of deceptions perpetrated upon humanity, mostly by the Anunnaki, who are fully manipulated and supported (willingly, I might add) by Lucifer and all his minions, whose time to be allowed to tempt mankind ran out in 2005. It was his own boast that he could turn all mankind to him, and the time he himself set was for 2,520 years that he could accomplish that. He failed. That time was up in 2005. What he didn't count on was that The Most High would send an Anointed Elect Witness to each and every generation that needed one to maintain His Own Holy, Righteous Truth in, of and for that generation.

Now we are in the 175th and final generation for having a promised Anointed, his appointment began on June 27th, 1962, he is 81 years old next month and has served as such for 54 years and counting, until such time as his death will turn over the responsibility to maintain Truth to his disciples and Proven Knowers until Shiloh. He is the incarnation of the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Warrior. His name in Angelic is El Aku Aliha Asur High, He That Is Called By The Name Of God. His name translates from Angelic to "He Who Brings Light to Dark Places." His steed is named Pegasue, just for a point of interest . . .

So, since Lucifer failed to make good on his boast, ENTER THE AKURIANS. We are the manifestation of the Heavenly Host, incarnating now to prevent the total destruction of humanity at the hands of the Anunnaki, and we are their worst nightmare because they are the scourge of the galaxy, despised by just about everyone else out there. They are totally morally bereft, their levels of vile are almost incomprehensible, and NEVER are they to be trusted to do anything that is any less than completely self-serving. They are ruthless, petty, lazy for the most part, and way more dangerous than most people can even imagine. They are here to destroy humanity, and things have escalated because they too are running out of time.

The big deal about the 2012 end of the Mayan Calendar was not the end of the world; it was the time set by The Most High for the Anunnaki to give an accounting of their treatment of humanity and how they fared as parents toward raising us up and taking us to the stars. They failed miserably and were thrown out of the Presence Before The Great Veil, given a stark warning to straighten out their "mess" here or face their own extinction. They in all their perpetual arrogance have decided to continue on the same course to manipulate mankind to self-destruct, thinking if it goes down their way, they'll be off the hook and can place the blame on mankind itself. Their failure in this endeavor is a foregone conclusion, but their arrogance prevails, and it will be their undoing.

The Akurians are warriors of True Spirit, and we teach the ways of The Most High Lord God of All Creation to all who will listen and learn. This war, after all, is a war for the Soul of Mankind, and must therefore be fought in the realms of the Spirit. That is why the Nephilim have deprived humanity of any such knowledge of true spirit since Ish (aka Adam) first gained a soul, simply by questioning his own existence. We teach astral projection - out of body, how to do it - known in the Bible as "up in the spirit." This is the best and foremost way to see for yourself, and once you've seen for yourself, you can never again be deceived.

We also offer a process called "The Proof of the Anointing" which when done correctly, one may hear the Voice of God for him/herself, unmistakably within one's own soul, and a successful Proof is the way to get the Holy Seal of God in one's forehead, spoken of by the Prophet Ezekiel (still alive on Nibiru, btw) and mentioned in Revelation 6, I think it is . . . which none of the religions can tell anyone how to do it. However, we are not sidewalk armgrabbers, trying to bring Jesus, or the Bible to anyone, ever. That would just amount to another failure. The Akurians are NOT here to convert the world; only to save a remnant. We are a people of power, metaphysicians of the highest order, taught by The Most High Himself, and His Holy Anointed Elect Witness for this, the 175th and final Generation of Fire.

And since this forum is about the Nephilim, Anunnaki and Nibiru, I'll try to keep to that part of the Truth. And since El Aku took peace from the Earth in 2009 (so there is no peace -- what the Akurians offer is comfort in knowing [NOT believing, KNOWING] Truth, I give you:

THUS SAITH THE MOST HIGH!: ""Because the Nefilim (Watchers) betrayed man whom they made, and cause man to betray man even unto this day, will I deliver unending grief and eternal damnation upon the Nefilim and all who follow their ways of evil and abomination.""

-- Paragraph 4308, "The Anointed, The Elect and the Damned!" -by The Akurians, our publication (free to read online, or can be purchased from Amazon - I have no clue what they're charging these days . . .)

I AM: -Kathryn Anne Malone, Sr. Proven Knower on this planet (had my Seal longest of any PK, since 1980)
-Fourth Division Commander under Archangel Uriel (Ruler of the Fourth Quarter of Earth (Elemental) and Master of
the North Wind Boreas whose Servant is the Wind Kaikias) serving in the
capacity as the Archangel Representative Incarnate.
-Also serving dually as the Standard Bearer for the Holy Heavenly Order of the Daughters of Elisha (It is the DOE
that are responsible for the Restoration of Humanity after the destruction of the Nefilim)
-Disciple of El Aku Aliha Asur High, He That Is Called By The Name Of God, Anointed of This Generation.

(In Angelic, the language of the Heavens:)

V0AN! (I have spoken before the Lord and He has heard!)
KESLATA! (That which is before the Lord must also be Truth and Righteous!)
PZNIONA! (All is of the Lord as is inscribed!)
BHSAT! (Completed in the Forever!)


-- I go by "Kitty" to my friends and family. That would be fine, and an appropriate way to address me with any questions or comments.