I have noticed a lot of u expalainable moving objects in the sky over the last several years however over the last couple weeks I have noticed an unbelievable amount of moving objects. Some white some orange and some red. I actually witnessed three red objects appear out of nowhere and watched one of them until it stopped in a star cluster I have viewed forever. There was two clusters of which are no longer there. One cluster was a little larger than the other however one cluster consisted of apprx 15 plus stars and the other which was roughly 20 plus stars and about 10 degrees above one another.. This literally happened in front of my eyes. Do we have new constellations now? I'm really confused. Last nights activity was unreal. Many objects moving about the sky some of which would appear to be a light orange/white color and average star size however while moving a across the sky at a distance away they would get really big orange in size momentarily and then within seconds be out of view, I saw about 12 of these within 30 minutes. Within an hour 1/2 I saw well over 20 plus moving objects that I have no clue as to what they are. I've been viewing the skies for several years. This all happened about 45 minutes to an hour after sunset. When i mentiontioned the moving orange ones that got large in size and vanished I just wanted to mention size wise difference was like comparing a marble to an apple. This was really really bizzare. People must look up. Take an hour or so on a clear night and look up. You will see this.