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Surprising Title? Not really...I encourage the Administrators of this site to do just that...Shut it down. It holds no weight any longer. It is filled with Folks who think they are authorities on Planet X as well as folks with silly opinions. The Administrators of the site are either unwilling or just refuse to address the subject...Biggest waste of space on the net... :oops:
Where did you read they were shutting down? Granted the Admin does not step in here and in a way that is a good thing....On any other forum I suppose I would have been banned by now and surprised they have not ban me already. Folks are going to believe what they want there is nothing you or I can do about it..But what we can do is try to set the record straight about all this BS on Planet X Nibiru.....Its all a hoax but some just do not want to believe otherwise.

By the way it's 9/23/2017 and we are still here so what does that tell you? Another Fearmonger ends up with egg on their again...Though thats not surprising....Just waiting to hear what his excuse is.....Most likely you have to read his book.....LoL!
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
Wishful thinking, Rapture, but in my experience the peddlers of such fantasies rarely shut up shop entirely. They will simply do what they always do; defer their otherwise inevitable embarrassment as each doomsday passes by blaming a rounding error or some such thing and naming another date.

There will always be enough poor fools out there, encountering these claims for the first time, to swallow this nonsense as if its credibility had never been so much as scratched.

I've seen this crap, in one form or another, hundreds of times in my 38 years on this Earth, recycled over and over. I'm increasingly unwilling to shrug it off as innocent paranoia and psychotic interpretation of scripture and/or natural phenomena.

At it's worst, it's panic-inducing, rabble-rousing behaviour of the most shameless kind, which has time and again led vulnerable people to suicide. I absolutely agree, shutting it down might be the best thing to do, but I can't see it happening.

It is at least to the credit of the admins that they let voices of reason speak freely. If only anyone would listen...
Just keep you eyes in the skies and don't make it look so obvious what your up to.
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