Hello all.

I join this community as a (relatively casual, I'm sure) enthusiast of astronomy, particularly the study of our own solar system and of Near Earth Objects. I am British, 38 years old, a logical and evidentialist thinker, often contributing to heated debates, wherever they may arise, on matters of religion, philosophy, epistemology, and how they relate to one another. Perhaps needless to say, I debate on the side of, and to the furtherance of, Atheism / Secularism / Humanism.

Most pertinent to this forum, I am NOT a fan of irresponsible scaremongers who repurpose scientific facts, coat them in a healthy layer of hyperbole, pseudo-science and the arbitrary interpretation of religious babble, before punting their half-baked thoughts across cyberspace where they might cause serious distress to the young, the naive and the vulnerable. Whether out of honest paranoia, or a need to satisfy their own selfish desire for attention, this kind of alarmist behavior needs to be addressed.

It should be clear therefore, that the date of my registration (September 23rd, 2017) is no accident. It is in these forums that I hope to find not just individuals involved in the serious study of the mysterious Planet X, it's origins, and what impact it may have on our solar system, but also some of the aforementioned alarmists; the Bible-brandishing, tinfoil-hat-wearing, swivel-eyed, doom-mongers living in their mother's basements and listen to what they have to say; today, but especially tomorrow; when the much-prophesied day of death and destruction brought about by Planet X / Nibiru has passed, utterly without incident, as all such prophesies since the dawn of civilization have done.