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If as postulated by David Meade the rogue celestial body Nibiru will eclipse the Sun on or about 23 September 2017, it would fulfill the Nostradamus prediction at quatrain 3:34:

"When the eclipse of the Sun shall then be,
The monster will be seen in broad daylight
All will have a different interpretation
High Price unguarded, None will have prepared."

David Meade then goes on to predict that during October 2017 Nibiruu will come so close to Earth as to cover the Sun's rays everywhere. Fraudulent explanations by scientists will put people's minds at rest, the Internet having been shut down beforehand and who knows what other means of information silenced. Nobody (i.e. not many) will make more than a token effort to prepare to survive the event.

There is a phrase in Nostradamus' writings which coincides with this prophecy. This phrase leads me to believe that he foresaw not a collision with Earth, but a "close pass". He states that the Earth will be plunged into darkness and appear to stop revolving for a period of time. This will cause great movements of water to continue by inertia from pole to pole, hurricanes of unheard-of violence, etc. Those living at the coasts or in the lowlands below say 1000 metres would be at the greatest risk. So, an unimaginable disaster of the first order, but very many will survive it although we would be hurled back to the Middle Ages, our immediate long-term preoccupation being the production of food

The Third World War, Nostradamus predicts against Islam, might be fought on horseback and in sailing vessels, our rooms lit by candles.

Quatrain 2:41 makes clearer what we are to expect:

"La grande étoile par sept jours brûlera
Nuée fera deux soleils apporoir"

"The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud of dust will make it appear there are two suns."

The significance of this verse can be seen by consulting an extract from Immanuel Velikovsky's book "Earth in Upheaval".
Velikovsky, a famed palaentologist from the early 1950's, wrote a more famous book, "Worlds in Collision", but in this other book he speaks of a Near Miss 3600 years ago.

The Scientific Evidence

"Professor H Patterson of the Oceanographic Institute, Göteborg, found that red clay from the bottom of the Pacific contained layers of ash and a high content of nickel almost completely absent in the water.

"He attributed the nickel and iron in the clay to prodigious showers of meteorites "of recent origin".

"This points to a great shower of ferruginous dust at a recent geological date (Velikovsky states 1500 BC) when the red clays of the Pacific, the drift of the Western Hemisphere and the loam of China were deposited and when the climate changed.

"On passing through a large cloud of dust particles or meteorites, the Earth and its atmosphere would be heated by the direct impact of these bodies on its atmosphere, its oceans, its land. Under such an impact a displacement of the poles or disturbance in axial rotation would also produce heat in every particle of the globe because of the conversion of a portion of the energy of motion into heat.

"The other possibility would be that, on passing through a cloud of dust carrying an electro-magnetic charge, the Earth would react with electrical currents on its surface to develop a thermal effect. If the Earth passed through a strong field, the heat would be very intense. Selecting the better conducting strata, these currents would go through metal-bearing formations, possibly deeper in the crust, sparing life in some quarters and destroying it in others. Such heat could evaporate oceans to a great depth, cause the intrusion of igneous rock into sedimentary rock, start the flow of magma from fissures and activate all volcanoes.

"The Earth is a large magnet. A charged cloud of dust or gases, moving in relation to the Earth, would be an electro-magnet. An extraneous electromagnetic field producing a thermal effect would also shift the terrestrial axis and change the rotational velocity of the Earth..."

Moving forward, Velikovsky (p.256) refers to a book by Professor Claude Schaeffer demonstrating that "on several occasions each marking the end of an epoch, the entire ancient East was shaken and devastated. Modern annals of seismology know nothing comparable in severity and extent. The most devastating of the upheavals took place at exactly the end of the Middle Kingdom in Egypt, causing its downfall.

"Cities were overturned, epidemics left the dead piled in mass graves, the pursuit of arts and commerce came to an abrupt end, empires ceased to exist, strata of earth, dust and ashes yards thick covered the ruined cities. In many places the population was annihilated, in others cut down, settled living was replaced by nomadic existence. And the climate changed."

What could have brought about a change in the inclination of the terrestrial axis to the plane of the ecliptic? Velikovsky suggested the entry of the Earth into a strong magnetic field.
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