Most of my photos are too big to send. None of them are spheres. The planet is too large to photograph other than an area of land on the surface. This should give you a starter idea. Thank you Dave in Phoenix , Arizona
I am a Christian and at the age of 19 when I received Christ, I knew within 6 months I would see his return in my lifetime ( barring an unfortunate car crash or heart attack). I am 55 now, so that was 36 years ago. After years working, life , love, and love lost, my feeling of imminence of the Lord's return, though I never doubted it, went to a back burner and I didn't think about it as much. With the fall of the Soviet Union in the early sd1990's it seem like out planet was going to be at peace, for awhile anyway. At 27 I moved away from the Evangelical Church as an institution as I had come out to God at that age at an Easter service at my church. I told God I was gay. I met a really nice Christian counselor who did not try to do reverse therapy or anything. After a month I was more comfortable with who I accepted I was. At that time the Moral Majority with Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, Dr. Dobson, Will Perkins, were all slamming the LGBT community and though I still was devoted to Christ, I couldn't associate with all the hate towards me and other's like me. It was not a choice. I have had an interest in ET phonomena and even though I never saw a " real " bonafide alien craft, I had seen several objects that just couldn't be from our civilization. One day 5 months ago I was watching some Planet X videos on YouTube. I had heard of the Urban Legend of this killer planet but didn't take it seriously. When I saw the video time lapses all over the world it hit me, THIS is the sign of Christ's returning. I started to look for Nibiru. No orbs, but I did see planet shapes in the Chem Trails. I noticed funny looking crater type markings in the sky and thought it was going to be a planet. Using my camera I didn't see any planets or orbs. THEN IT HIT ME. The crater like indentations were not from a earth sized or moon sized planet. It was the entire sky. I started shooting every where and realized that Nibiru was actually incalculably large, 1000 x larger than the Sun. The photos I started taking came out really well, as I learned how to photo the planet my shots got better. My husband of 8 years, and an Atheist , thought I was going nuts and didn't want to have anything to do with Nibiru or my talking about Jesus Christ and Salvation. I kept shooting. He did get me a really strong zoom lens for his very professional camera. I told him I believed the Planet covered the whole daytime Horizon.
On a business trip my husband, unsolicited by me, took a dusk photo of the 4 main directions of the sky and sent them to me from California. I live in Phoenix. When I cleaned up the photos, it hit me. Nibiru is so large ( gargantuan) that no one has found it as it is our total sky. I have seen lots of great clips on weather and airport cams and have captured dozens of those. I am going to include now pictures I have taken of Nibiru. My only contact with the Nibiru Community on YouTube was Steve Olson of WSO, He was a bit skeptical but really nice to me on our correspondence. I think he is starting to see what NOBODY has even come close to, the Real Nibiru. Attached are some photos that should get anyone that sees them thinking , hard, about what has been right in front of them for who bows how many years. Straight up in the sky during the day, Horizon to Horizon, North East South and West it completely covers our daytime sky. It is up a couple of hours before Dawn and is out for an hour or two past Sunset. I have a Facebook page I just posted. It can be found referencing therealplanetxnibirudisclosed. I have a ton of photos on there. I am trying to get it viral before the eclipse in 2 days on August 21st. My belief is , and I do hope I am wrong, that when the sky goes dark in the 100% zone of totality, Nibiru will light up the sky like the 4th of July. It is too far to compete with the Sun lighting up our daytime atmosphere to it's sky blue color. With the Sun as Black as Sackcloth, Nibiru will bare the full rays of the Sun with no competition to over power it. Nibiru is a coral pink colored massive , terrains planet, with an advanced civilization. The infrastructure and buildings and many other things can be seen clearly in many photos. You will have to zoom and some things will be a little blurry, but there is no doubt I have found what everyone is still looking for. I have no doubt that God gave me the direction to find it, about a month after the realization that Christ's return and the impending tribulation is months or weeks away to start the 7 year clock. I believe the alignment on September 23rd will be the official start of that period of time. I do believe in the rapture without any doubt, I just don't know if it will happen at the beginning, middle, end , or any time starting this second. I am not concerned. I am trying to get the country to be ready for a possible anomaly in the coming eclipse, one that could be so terrifying it could be a very tragic day in this country. I have let my subscribers know it MAY happen, and I'd like to play it safe so that people can at least be aware enough not to drive 1,2,3, or even 500 miles to see it. All my emails and phone calls to the national media have been ignored. I took things into my own hands. I did send some photos to David Meade, who initially told me he only saw them briefly but they looked nice. The second correspondence from him told me he thought everything would kick in in 40 days. I don't disagree, but I am more concerned about the safety of those driving to the eclipse or just watching at home and getting the shock and awe of their lives. Marshall, if you see these photos check out my Facebook page referenced earlier, or contact me at my email account listed on my registration here. To Everyone, Enjoy. This is what everyone has been overlooking.