Hi there team and members.
A lot of attention is giving to UFO alien technology when associated with Area 51 and the S-4 Groom Lake facility over the last few decades. Searching the internet I came across an amazing video of the 2011 UFO Congress outlining all about the S-4 Facility projects and the security processes that are ongoing, also how staff employees have to work in strict intimidating conditions. A number of ex-workers/contractors have come out whistle blown information regarding the layout and the projects that have taken place. The area which they call "dreamland", relates to the astonishing projects that they are working towards which are just mind blowing to the everyday man or woman on the street. Projects relating to super advanced aircraft adapted UFO technologies from crashed alien ships, alien co-operation and technology focusing on teleportation and wormholes.

**** Please remember that this video conference was in 2011, so heaven knows in the last 6 years what has been developed since this information was released. ****

Below is a fantastic link regarding the UFO technology and other amazing projects that have been going on at the facility.