Pentecost 2017
Open Letter to The Advocates of LA Gay Pride 2017:


Your cause is criminal. Have you forgotten the fierce punishment and destruction that befell Sodom and Gomorrah for their deviant lifestyle? This was to stand as a warning for all generations that God will not tolerate the sin of homosexuality.

From 1970-1995, Jesus and the Virgin Mary made a series of appearances at the apparition site of *Bayside, New York, warning that if we didn't rid our nation of homosexuality and abortion and return America to its rightful place under God, we would see the wrath of God visited upon our country. Jesus states in the message:

"All who become part of or condone homosexuality shall be destroyed! All who become part of or condone abortion, the murder of the young, shall be destroyed! All who seek to cast out the discipline given by the Eternal Father in the Commandments, the Ten Commandments from your God—they, too, shall be destroyed! All women who disport their bodies in nakedness, the flesh shall burn!"
— Jesus, June 2, 1979

In this same message, the Blessed Virgin said:

"Your leaders, even the highest men in your courts, now condone homosexuality, an offense to your God and all mankind. And what are the fruits of this condoning of sin? Murders!! Murders of the young! Bands of roaming homosexuals going throughout all of the major cities in your United States of America, the once proud country. My children, you must understand that as a nation you are on now the brink of disaster. If you do not listen to My pleas, the counsel I have given you while coming to you upon earth, you will be destroyed as a nation."
— Our Lady, June 2, 1979

In the message, California was singled out as an area to be struck. The Blessed Virgin said on March 18, 1989: "Another area that shall be shaken will be California... There is a great split in the earth that is widening." Three months later, on June 17, 1989, Jesus followed up with this warning about Los Angeles:

"There will be a great earthquake in the Los Angeles area"

Your actions are hastening the coming disaster to LA.
What makes you think you have a right to offend in the sight of your Maker? People have no right fooling with the same sex, just as men have no right raping women. If rapists and thieves are censured, how much more should gays be censured? If you say it is a man's right to be gay, then you're saying it is his right to rape women too.

It's not up to mere man to decide what is morally right and wrong, since this has already been determined by the Creator. Homosexuality is one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance and is on par with murder.

In the Bible, God commands: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination." (Leviticus 18:22) St. Paul condemns those deviates who "have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy," and goes on to say that "they who do such things, are worthy of death." (Romans 1:27,32)

Do you have a right to go against God's words? No, you don't! You need to repent and clean up your act, and not offend God any longer by engaging in subhuman relationships. Have you no sense of dignity and honor?

Consider again the words of the Blessed Virgin:

"Homosexuality is a sin that condemns to hell! Lesbianism means eternal damnation and banishment! Bestiality is the most foul and heinous of crimes in the eyes of the Eternal Father. There shall be no scientific excuse given! For each and every one of you in mankind's reign shall stand before the Eternal Father to be judged when you die upon earth, when you leave your body. And what excuse will you give to Him if you do not repent now of your sin? Do penance! His heart is all forgiving if you will do penance!"
— Our Lady, August 4, 1979

Remember, homosexuality is a moral disorder, not a physical one. It is a vice, and as such, is not inherited or instilled by the Creator. In the same way God did not place in man the desire to lie, steal, envy, or murder, neither did He place in man the desire to be homosexual. These are criminal tendencies springing from the devil and original sin, cultured most especially by a degraded environment.

God made you to his image and likeness, which means you are to walk with honor above the shame of this world, so why do you surrender to the devil who has given you this lifestyle? Jesus said, "He who commits sin is the slave of sin" (John 8:34), so why do you feel so good about your slavery? Liberate yourselves and be Christian, not in the pseudo Reformationalist sense, but in the Catholic sense. Pray to Mary for the gift of purity and peace, so that you can be liberated from your misery. Pray the Rosary!

The Blessed Virgin reminds us in her message:
"All who are baptized a Roman Catholic must die Roman Catholics to enter Heaven. A rejection of the papacy, a rejection of the Faith because of human reasoning shall not be accepted by the Eternal Father in Heaven."
— Our Lady, November 20, 1979

Hence, gay persons that are baptized Catholics need to go to confession right away, because if they are taken from this earth before they are absolved, they will lose their soul forever in the fires of Hell.

We are told in the message that AIDS is a plague that was sent from God to cleanse the world of homosexuality. However, we are given the promise that if the homosexual community will give up their aberrant lifestyle, God will provide a cure for AIDS.

Note then the great mercy that God is extending to you! You should play it smart and spread the word among yourselves that if you resolve now to renounce your gay lifestyle, you not only will save your immortal souls, but will spare your fellow man the dreaded AIDS disease that is bringing so much suffering upon the world. And too, there is a good chance that the predicted earthquake to LA will not happen.

But one thing is for certain: if you continue headlong with your shameful aspiration of abusing adults and children with your "terrible acts of indecency" (sodomy), it will go on record that the gay community was primarily responsible for the fierce destruction that fell upon Southern California. We are reminded in the message that all prophecy is conditional to man's response.

David Martin

*The messages were transmitted through the late seer Veronica of the Cross during outdoor Rosary vigils held at the apparition site in Bayside-Flushing Meadows Park, New York. The complete information is available by writing to St Michael's World Apostolate, P.O. Box 514, Bayside NY, 11361