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Hello friends i have thought for myself for 12 years. When i am not working or taking care of my son i am doing research on various topics. The nibiru system is top priority for me as of late due. I hope to hear some very useful information here!

Good deal.
Best thing u can do is you see something then you post something. Similar to what all our so called good people in this country says. Keep your eyes in the sky as much as you can. It's crazy.
Hello everyone................
I am admissioninfo from India.I am new to this forum.
A quick hello to all, I'm new, just joined today. I've been researching Planet X/Nibiru/Great Dragon/Wormwood/Destroyer,ect. well before I ever knew of it's serious nature. Whatever name you choose to use, I have learned over the years that this beast goes by many.
Things certainly have heated up, in particular this past year.
I'm looking forward to intellectual discussions with my peers, learning from one another and most of all providing support for each other.
Welcome to the forum friend.
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