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Post pictures and videos that you think could be Planet X / Nibiru for others to review and discuss.
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Just letting you know that in Australia there does not exist any listing on google for skymednews, zero.
I think you are still visible via facebook but there exists no history of skymednews on google at all.
Pages and pages of nibiru and planet x history has been completely eliminated from the internet in Australia.
God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
Good for Australia! Glad to hear it!
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
Do you really think so Gog, I mean it is censorship going right over the top, I did not think I lived in a totalitarian dictate.
Why is it necessary to eliminate so much information about something that does not exist ?
God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
That's messed up. In due time I would imagine censorship will only get worse worldwide. With Australia being the first to have a good visual from what I understand it makes sense they are the first. Hard to say but refardless I think it's BS. I think there will continue to be much distraction around the world so we don't pay attention to what really matters. The Chem planes continue to cover early at sunrise and sunset. It's so obvious you have to be a fool or simply not paying attention to see what's going on. I'm not implying what the agenda is for but it is happening. If people chose to believe it's contrails that's totally up to them but...

Why so aggressive morning and evening? Then linger in the skies for hours. There is strange things going on in our skies that is for sure. Many just choose to ignore it. But at the same time many are not and know things aren't right and people are feeling off or sick everywhere. Will be an interesting year to say the least. When this site and others like it go down you'd think it would be a sign that something is near. Mean while ww3 and martial law will be in place.

Who knows.... Find the truth within yourself and you're inner self. Having an open mind is crucial. Things will begin happening quickly as they already are. Be safe
Watch the moon carefully through the night, you will see it wander from north to south and back north again as it courses through the sky.
The earth is tilting back and forth its unmistakable.
I typed in, planet x 2017, into google, I got three pages only. First page half of which was related to the martial arts the 10th planet site, the following two pages where in other languages !
God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
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