Planet X / Nibiru and related topics too extreme for the mainstream

Post pictures and videos that you think could be Planet X / Nibiru for others to review and discuss.
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Not sure what to think. Please comment and also read comments after the video.
Not sure about what? The contrails or the Sun?
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
Hi Jread, I have seen some of this fellows vid's and I like the way he speaks and uses his own logic to look at what he is seeing. I read some of the posts, Kathy appears to be a nice person with a touch of wisdom.
It is all becoming more real every day now, I am concerned for the May - June period. Do not know any definite timeline but what I keep hearing in my mind is that very well known biblical quote, "I come as a thief in the night".
If we have a situation where these planets become more and more obvious then all people would see them and the thief in the night quote would not be real.
For myself I do not imagine in anyway that Jesus is coming and nor do I think that this quote was his, it was attributed to him only. The Great King who is the ruler of these planets was the one that this quote comes from, he is the only possible Savior no man has saved anyone and those Christians who imagine Jesus has saved the world have rocks for brains when there exists so much violence on our planet, if Jesus is in charge he is responsible for not doing anything to save the vulnerable who have suffered over the last 2000 years and should be charged with negligence, arrested, executed.
Understanding who Zeus was is a key to unlocking so much information about this Jesus.
The letter J has only been in our language about 400 years.
Jesus was up until the letter J came into existence called Ioseus which means, hail zeus.
The druids called Jesus Hesus which was there name for Baal=Zeus=The blood sipping devil.
At the time of the last visitation Zeus was slaughtered because of his blood thirsty crimes, cut up into 14 pieces which where sent out to his temples along the Med coast, he was the Osiris.
Venus his whore with the help of Thoth impregnated herself with the DNA of Zeus and had a son, the immaculate conception which many will follow in this eashtar celebration, nine months later they celebrate the rebirth the resurrection of Zeus, the Jezeus.
The Great King has billions of children it was only Ishtar/Venus the whore who only had one son, her only begotten son.
I mention this because if people imagine that a blood sacrifice is needed for salvation they are in for a shock.
The whole idea of blood sacrifice is devilish to consider, if someone creates a butterfly one day and then says we have to cut the throat of a goat to be saved the next we have a schizophrenic.
Christianity has been blinded taking the animal sacrifice idea to a whole new level imagining that the only son of the Creator has to be a blood sacrifice.
No man is a savior only our Creator.
I could go on Christianity as an ideological understanding has no foundation, it is a building built on sand and is about to fall into a pile of rubble.
I think we all better prepare to see our Creator, in this world.
God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
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