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Yet we still don't see this info on our nightly news. Why not? Hah no need to reply. I think we know why.
Jread4783 wrote: Yet we still don't see this info on our nightly news. Why not? Hah no need to reply. I think we know why.

Yeah, yeah we do.
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
Synagogue of Fear wrote:
Jread4783 wrote: Yet we still don't see this info on our nightly news. Why not? Hah no need to reply. I think we know why.

Yeah, yeah we do.

I guess I should say not where I live. I do however hear the meteorologist day after day say how he is baffled with our unpredictable never seen before weather. That's just local though.
Good video -- I liked it, and I don't watch very many videos because they take too long. I can read the same information in less than half the time, and time is one commodity not to waste. But it was worth it, and so I'd like to proffer an explanation, or at least some contributories . . .

First as far as the weather and the volcanic activity, the global HAARP system is now somewhat out of control because the Akurians screwed it up for them. So much so in Gakona, AK that they've had to move the headquarters to HAARP England. HAARP Gakona is now worthless. They even tried to sell it about a year ago. LOL! No takers. So it's been all but totally abandoned. They still have HAARP England, Norway, Russia, China, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, and Australia limping along, and something that a lot of people are unaware of -- the HAARP mobile units that are carried around on the back of semi trailers from site to site. Even those are shaky and undependable. They have to rely on the djed network to back them up, and even that requires constant babysitting. The "they" I keep referring to are the Anunnaki and the Earth scientists that have sold out to them, who are on the globalists' payroll -- same batch of fools that are working on the Cern Supercollider. They are messing in scalar realms without a clue what they are doing, and they won't get one until they balance their tech advancements with adequate spirituality to be able to handle it. It's WAY more dangerous than HAARP, which is bad enough in itself to do the job the Anunnaki want . . .

The HAARP systems go deep underground where they can effect tectonic plate activity in addition to surface conditions. (HAARP China, in the western half of their country, is about six miles deep -- deep enough to cause catastrophic earthquakes.) Earth is due for an axis shift anyway -- we get one about every eight to twelve thousand years or so, and it's about time for it. If the idiot element isn't careful, they'll induce one sooner than they're ready for, and it'll be way more violent than they expect . . . For about 25 years or so, the Anointed devoted half his energy to keeping the Earth on its axis and keeping it steady. When Lucifer's time to tempt ran out and he failed, El Aku put that burden on Lucifer. So Lucifer is the one now who's holding off the axis shift -- HE'S the one not ready and has to expend that energy to hold it where it is. It's a massive amount of energy, and that expenditure keeps him from being able to tightly control his manipulations that he's been running for thousands of years, which if he lets go will have been all for nought up to this point.

So HAARP is responsible for the out-of-control weather patterns, and it's in part an attempt to sell the "climate change" agenda, another rabbit hole to go down and take governments with it. Now for the volcanic activity and the sinkholes, especially around the ring of fire, or the coastal Pacific: The underground tunnels and chambers, the drilling, the ship movements, the increased Anunnaki presence and the escalation of carrying out their agenda is the main cause of the volcanic eruptions and worldwide sinkholes. The sinkholes are easy to figure -- the ground has been hollowed out close enough to the surface to collapse the surface itself. The reason for the near-surface tunnels is because they are stealing water by the ton and reallocating those supplies to cool the equipment (and ships to move it) they've installed in the chambers below. They are draining the rivers and lakes from underground. If you research where the sinkholes are happening, they are all near some type of watershed. The ground around the theft sites becomes oversaturated, there is not enough sub-base to compensate, so the ground collapses and we have a giant sinkhole.

Now, with the increases in the subsurface activities, indeed the heat factors to the magma chambers are also increasing. That increased heat builds up an inordinate amount of pressure which must be released, and volcanoes are the pressure valves for that release. The lava tubes go from magma chamber to surface and volcano to volcano, and when enough pressure is built up, they have to expel somewhere. The deepest tunnels and chambers, the ones where only Anunnaki and the Greys are permitted access, are about 50 miles deep. That's plenty deep enough to set off a pressure problem with the heat displacement due to the tunneling (lack of surrounding rock to absorb heat, as well as the reflective heat shielding that is installed within and around the tunnels); that pressure has to vent, and the volcanoes are the natural means to do it.

So there you have it. It's not that Nibiru is coming near anytime soon. It's still over 1200 years out from view with any technology that is available to any amateur skywatcher. It's that the Anunnaki are already here wreaking havoc on us with our own resources. And even some of our own people! It takes about six days for one of their faster ships to get from here to there or there to here, and about three weeks for a cargo ship to make that journey.

It would also be remiss if I didn't mention that the current energy extraction process of fracking for natural gas adds to the instability of the continental plates because it does. However, it's not the main reason nor the only one. Contributory, yes. Exclusively causal, no. That said, it ought to be stopped, immediately. It's not necessary to get the natural gas, but the other ways would require paying people who are not in the "pay clique" as the Akurians call it -- the Rothchild stranglehold on the world's economies -- who is allowed to make money and who's not . . .

Red rivers, red rain, red tides -- all have different causes, and all ultimately backed up into the Ashkenazis and Khazars. Red tides are caused by a chemical/biological imbalance, mostly dumping raw sewage into the oceans. Red rivers are mainly caused by sulfur and iron dumps from careless and deliberate mining overflows -- deliberate because it's cheaper than being responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Red rain is the result of polluted atmospherics -- chemtrails and unregulated factory outputs using, again, antiquated methods of waste disposal solely because it's cheaper than the now available technological means to capture and reprocess their own swill. Add all those factors on top of the radiation disasters that have occurred, some accidental and some deliberate, and it's just more than the planet can process and clean itself behind. It's certainly not getting enough help from the polluters who are subject to the enslavers who are the warmongers who are demonically manipulated themselves and know nothing but greed, contamination and destruction by their own vile hands, from which they think they are far removed, but not much longer, for even they cannot escape the atmosphere they create . . . When their iniquity is finally full, (as of yet they still have a little season) the Akurians are going to bring so much Hell upon them that they will wish for the relief of death, and they will not get it until they have suffered everything they have brought on at least sevenfold! If I have to do it by my damn self! I CAN, AND I WILL!!!

Finally, a personal message to skymednews: Since I haven't followed your videos before I don't know what your personal spiritual experience was, but I'm certainly glad you had it. For a lot of folks that's what it takes to wake up -- an out-of-body event, near death, deja vu, alien encounter, angel sighting, or demon for that matter -- something to shake the consciousness out of programmed sleep mode, or just plain programmed stupid in some cases -- that cannot otherwise be explained. They are almost always life altering, and no one can ever tell you it didn't happen -- YOU KNOW BETTER! A good set of questions is always a right path to enlightenment, and your video is a good set of questions. Hope I've given you a little bit of a different path to find some suitable answers.


Kathryn Malone, AnAkurian
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