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Everything here must be directly related to Planet X / Nibiru.
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The news pertaining to the arrival of Planet X-Nibiru and the Nemesis system is making major news headlines in 2017, and for good reason, it is the single most important news story that will affect the lives of every living organism on this planet.

NASA knows this, they have known about its presence for almost four decades, and now it looks as if they want you the amateur astronomer to become a citizen skywatcher and search the skies for the mysterious and illusive planet X (9)

Planet X Updates:

Hell even if they find this hypothetical Planet 9 Earth is in no danger from it. And no NASA has not known about this for 4 decades either....Planet 9 was brought to light by 2 Cal-Tech researchers....

On 20 January 2016, researchers Konstantin Batygin and Michael E. Brown at Caltech explained how a massive outer planet would be the likeliest explanation for the similarities in orbits of six distant objects, and they proposed specific orbital parameters.[1]

Now following that up with the fake planet Nibiru whose orbit is highly elliptical which means basically straight out and back....Planet 9 the hypothesized planet has also a highly elliptical orbit again straight out and back. Anything that comes in at us will have to go around the Sun first...Anything on an orbital path that would carry it straight into our Solar system would be moving so fast it would go straight through...That is if Jupiters gravitational pull did not bounce it into never never land!

Oh and just to add, NASA does not have to look for sky watchers, there are millions of them out there daily.
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