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Just wondering how others feel about this upcoming sept and oct. you think it will come and go like other dates. Is it possible we'll get an undeniable glimpse of???
Don't go building any bunkers....No it won't happen...These predictions are all batting a big fat 0! Its a scare tactic same as 2012.

"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
If you have an understanding of the scriptures I think it's obviously a very hopeful occurrence.

Not all conclusions can be based on one piece of evidence however. So you have to look at the following together:

The very accurate Rev. 12; 1,2 prophecy as evidenced by what the Jerusalem sky will look like on 9/23/17.

The fact that the word used on Rev 12;5 is the word for rapture. Christ ascended not needing to be raptured, saved from something. It is recorded that he ascended.

The fact that on Tishri 2, the second day of Rosh Hashana, they blow the final blow of the shofar at sundown. You look at that constellation at about 6pm 9/23/17 (still Tishri 2 since their days end at sundown) and the alignment is friggin PERFECT to the scripture.

The fact that Jesus has/will fulfill all of the seven Jewish Holidays and the next one to be fulfilled is the feast of trumpets, Yom Teru'ah or Rosh Hoshana. When the last trump sounds at sunset Tishri 2, we are out of here! (IMHO). All the thousands of years the Jews have been sounding the shofar on Yom Teruah, it's been done as a memorial but also as a sign that will be fulfilled on this very day!

Matthew 24 Jesus answered his disciples saying "no one knows the day or the hour". This is a Jewish idiom for Yom Teruah, the only Jewish festival that requires sighting the new moon, therefore no man knows exactly when that will occur. So to the Jews hearing him, they clearly realized he meant that these days will come, or that day will come at the feast of trumpets.

"Twinkling of an eye" refers to that period, that split second where the sun finally goes down and a new day starts. This twinkling will coincide with the blowing of the final shofar note.

There are numerous scriptures that say that the church will be taken at "the last trump".

We are in the Hebrew year 5777. 7 is God's number of completion.

If you put any weight on Jubilee periods (periods of 50 years), you can look at the Balfour Declaration in 2017 that said that the Jews could have their homeland. And then 1967, one Jubilee period later they won all of Jerusalem back, and then 2017, another Jubilee period when presumably they will enter the time of Jacob's Trouble (the Tribulation).

There's more but yeah... I think the church gets raptured on that day and hour, sunset on Tishri 2. About 6:30AM 9/23/17 New York time.

Fact: The only "rapture" or "meeting in the air" that will happen will be between all the hallelujah halfwits at ground zero and the radioactive debris when the nuclear holocaust goes off.

Fact: Matthew 24:29 clearly says "after the tribulation of those days," is when is his coming, and I assure you, we ain't seen nothing yet! Even the mere descriptions of what is set to occur can send many people into shock. The horrors are unimaginable, and that's why I was going to stay away from religion in this forum -- but since people are hellbent to bring it in, contrary to the protocol as set to keep the posts about Nibiru, I am compelled to at least straighten out some of the worst fallacies when they are laid out like fact, which couldn't be farther from the TRUTH!

Fact: The Abomination of Desolation, as hard as the pope is trying to bring that on, is YEARS away. And I'd bet my last dollar that you don't even know what that is, so I'm going to tell you in no uncertain terms exactly what that will look like. The Abomination of Desolation will be when the Jews install the head of the Babylonian Harlot at Rome and Constantinople (the POPE of the Roman Catholic Church) on the throne at Jerusalem, after the completion of the rebuilding of the third temple of Solomon on the Mount. Right now there is an Arab mosque on the site, has been since 712 AD, the Mosque of Omar. but the site of the Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant should rest, is available for reconstruction and is actually all that is required. This is where the current crop of Ashkenazis and Khazars are trying desperately to get the temple rebuilt. Ashkenaz and Khazar are out of the lineage of Japeth, NOT Judah. Rev. 2:9, Rev. 3:9 -- . . . "them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." The Synagogue of Satan is the triumvirate of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, each one having an equal strength and input thereto. The whole little nation state of Israel is nothing more than the Jew-not Jews advancing their blasphemy to deceive the world, especially the christians who support them as Jews, so they can lay claim to the birthright of Judah, which is not rightfully theirs. And WOE unto the Whole of the House of Judah for allowing them to infiltrate and contaminate the bloodline. And in that day, it will be even worse for the Whole of the House of Levi, especially the Sons of Aaron, for their desecration of the Priesthood, which they sold out for a farthing, for the price of an aged whore in the streets.

Another MAJOR point of confusion is the birthright of Judah -- the sceptre. It is NOT the sceptre of all Israel -- it is the Sceptre of Identity! They (Judah) were NOT given to be Lords and Rulers of all Israel (the Tribes, not the nation/state); that Sceptre of Identity was so that all Jews could be identified, because when the Tribes were scattered, someone had to maintain the Levites since by Holy Law they were not to take an inheritance in Israel. They instead were given the first and best tenth of everything (tithes) to operate and maintain the temples and keep Holy Law, and they were to maintain the direct contact with The Most High in the governance and keeping of all Israel, through the correct and righteous operation of the Ark of the Covenant. They blew it, Big League. And then they lost the Ark . . .

So the Birthright of Israel was given to the House of Joseph -- skipping a generation and given to Joseph's children, Ephraim and Manasseh, the lion's share given to the younger son, Ephraim, which is the United States; the smaller half went to Manasseh, which is Great Britain. Remember, Israel (Jacob), blind and old, when he passed out the blessings, crossed his hands on Joseph's two sons so that Ephraim was under the right hand and said, "the younger shall be the greater." That's one reason, in everyone's innate consciousness, that everyone wants to emigrate to the U.S. They all want a piece of that Birthright. And it is up to Ephraim to defend it. That is what Donald Trump is rightfully trying to do (knowingly or unknowingly), and what Soros (lieutenant and frontman puppet of the Jew-not Jew Rothchilds), a Jew-not Jew himself, is trying to undermine and destroy. Soros and the Rothchilds are fully, knowingly manipulated by the Anunnaki, who know that if the Birthright of Israel is surrendered to its enemies, the Holocaust is on. And they're off the hook . . . which is the root reason for all of these events and abominations from the beginning.

Next, 1948 was widely held as a year of Jubilee, which makes the last year of Jubilee in 1998. Not 1967. (It's actually 1955 and 2005) Judah has supposedly been keeping track and has kept that information from being widely disseminated into common knowledge -- another reason their damnations are mounting rapidly against them. This is so they can declare Jubilee whenever it suits the Jew-not Jew agenda, which is run out of Brussels, Belgium, not Jerusalem as most people might think.

Now to finally address all the dither about the Revelation 12:1-2, the first clue is in the first verse, "a great wonder in heaven;"
. . . All the posts I've seen so far are assuming that that means it's a metaphorical relation to star positioning. Here's the next clue: Sirius is the birthplace and inception of all the race of the Nephilim. Nibiru is a faction, just as the Nephilim have other factions that have spread throughout the galaxy. The "great red dragon" is one way that Lucifer likes to portray himself. The seven heads represent heads of state, like kings or presidents or prime ministers. The ten horns are wannabes; for instance, if Saudi Arabia was a head, then Kuwait, Libya, Dubai and the likes would be horns. Great Britain would have Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada as horns. (These are examples only!) The seven crowns have not identified themselves yet, much less the horns. But it would be prudent to examine groups like the G7, G20, ad nauseam, the gangs of global gatherings, for whatever the latest crisis or cause, be it climate change, trade monopolies, economic manipulations, or councils of war -- whatever, is the point I'm making.

The Anunnaki are trying like all getout to try and manipulate ANYTHING to look like these prophecies so they can pull off the big scam of "alien invasion" by hologram. They are planning to use the International Space Station to launch this holographic "invasion" with the full cooperation of the US, Chinese and Russian governments on the promise of new technology in trade, and the exemption of the scientists, politicians and business giants from the slaughter of the "deplorables," of course . . . HA! Fools, all of them! The Anunnaki have no problem lying to get what they want, feeding them a fishhead to look like they will keep their word, but once they have no more use for the idiots, they will be the first to be disposed of. THAT'S the one thing anyone can count on from the rotten, self-serving bastards! Why do you think all the UFO activity around the ISS lately? Benevolence? Curiosity? NO!!!!!

And why the chemtrails all over the planet? Ever check out the contents of the chemtrails? Whatever the disgusting diseases, parasites, pollution-of-the-day, the one thing they all have in common is aluminum and low-level radiation from barium. The purpose of the metals is to get a good enough resonance field to help with the holographic projection. They have been testing those projections with the chemtrail spraying lately also. The chemtrails are being emitted from a cloaked ball-looking device controlled remotely and the plane in front of it is a hologram. Solid white, the planes are, and it's a different color of white from the Evergreen Co. planes that have been spraying us for almost two decades . . . They don't have it down yet, and sometimes you can see a glitch in the image if you just sit still and watch long enough.

So Nibiru is still 1250+ years out. To answer the original post, the answer is no, we won't get a definitive look in Sept-Oct. The plans are a holographic invasion from our own ISS. And just in case anyone is wondering, the Akurians are not going to let that one happen, either. We are going to let them spend all the logistics that it takes to get set up for it, watch all the bullshit hype, especially that coming out of the Catholic Church and the abomination that is the United Nations (the preparation for this "invasion" is why the pope admitted there might be alien life out there, and the UN appointed some Jew-not Jew female "ambassador" to the potential extraterrestrials), let all the fools expose themselves so we know exactly who is in on the Anunnaki f^ckover and how much, and then we are going to take them all out, under the leadership of the 2nd Horseman, El Aku Aliha Asur High. Most of the oblivious world will still be none the wiser, because they couldn't get much more clueless . . . And people like Synagogue of Fear will be waving their big, fat I-told-you-so's all over the failures of the fear-mongers and opportunists, doomsdayers and rapture-ready halfwits, and then we'll be on to the next battle.

Oh, one more thing: The discrepancy between the Hebrew calendar and the Gregorian calendar is that the Hebrew calendar is based on a 360-day year, whereas the Gregorian calendar is 365+ 1 every fourth year. This is just another means to keep the masses confused as to any kind of accurate time frame for any of the prophetic events, and to give Lucifer some picayune detail to argue and whine about, "oh, you're killing us before the time, waaahhhhh!" It's bullshit. The Anointed goes by the Gregorian calendar because it's more accurate with the Earth's revolutions around the Sun, and he uses the Hebrew calendar when he has to go back as far as when they started counting, or when he has to deal with the whining of the Jew-not Jews, who want to use it for the same reasons as Lucifer. And there's a lot . . . of whining, that is. . .

Kathryn Malone, AnAkurian
Senior Proven Knower on this Planet
Disciple and Servant of El Aku Aliha Asur High, 2nd Horseman, 175th Anointed and The Ancient of Days
Archangel Representative Incarnate
Standard Bearer for the Daughters of Elisha

SALUMNIAH! (Angelic meaning "It is done!")
Sounds like a very interesting future. Wonder where trump fits in all this? I'm still trying to figure out if he is the real deal or just part of yet another corrupted gov. Maybe the fall guy? Who's to say for sure.
Jread4783 wrote: Sounds like a very interesting future. Wonder where trump fits in all this? I'm still trying to figure out if he is the real deal or just part of yet another corrupted gov. Maybe the fall guy? Who's to say for sure.

Interesting future, indeed! It is probably the most exciting time in all history to be alive right now, witnessing the prophecies unfold before our very eyes, at least to all those who have eyes . . . You might also be interested to know, and probably can detect it, that many of the souls condemned to Hell are being released to witness the Holocaust. Not the ones in Perditon, however -- that's the 7th level of Hell, and that's the one from which there is no return. In fact, the punishment in Perditon (pronounced Per-DEE-ton) is so severe and so agonizing that those sentenced there don't even have any thought of repentance. This is where most of the politicians end up, including all the past presidents of the US, no exception so far. Along with Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd and all of their ilk. Janet "Baby Burner" Reno, I think it was that just died not too long ago. . .

And here is the segue into talking about Trump. He may yet prove to be the exception. He's the real deal so far. He is the product of Akurian invocations summoning the energies of Creation to produce someone who is incorruptible, fearless, above reproach and strong enough to take on the demonic forces of socialism and win. And we have the documentation to prove that claim beyond all doubt. I would produce it upon a private request -- it's extensive and goes all the way back to 2007. We thought at first it would be Ron Paul, but when he didn't fight the voter fraud and wanted to live within the bounds of "politically correct," he proved himself to be not the one. So it took the nation eight years of living under the Curse of Canaan for the energies to manifest someone powerful enough to do the job required, and for the people of the nation to see what the enemy is really like in order to get fully behind him, because the fight for the soul of the nation and the Birthright of Israel is gonna be intense, and the more Lord Luke (Akurian term of contempt for Lucifer) is losing -- and with Trump in, he is -- the more vicious he's going to turn. After all, Killary the Cannibal is -- or was one of his favorite pets, and she was to the Anunnaki also. Since she lost the election, that's no longer the case now. She has been abandoned by all the demonic powers . . . Goody. She will rot in jail, a total disgrace, then she can burn in Perditon. A fitting end . . .

You see, the Rothchild plan was for Hillary to finish delivering the United States up to the global enslavers, bring on the Holocaust, then they could live a comfortable existence in the underground, thinking they would have a seat at the table beside the Anunnaki while the planet cooked in radiation for about 40 years. They were so certain that this would be the result -- they had the fraud set and the fix was in -- that they didn't even have a backup plan! They have played God for so long they think they are one! You are witnessing their collapse, and the only thing they've now got to fall back on are the same old tired Saul Alinsky tactics, of which the world has now grown wise to and weary of. The more they push that crap, the more nobody buys or fears it any longer, and the more it exposes them for the demonic manipulated fools and thugs they are. At last, a clear and definitive target. Rules for Radicals meets The Art of War -- get the enemy to commit. If you can do that, you've got him!

And what Donald Trump is ultimately doing is buying the Akurians time. If he is successful in the complete dismantling of the globalist structure, which we are empowering him to do, he could buy humanity as much as a hundred years. That much is not likely to play out, but optimistically it could be that. Even if it's only a decade, that helps. One of our jobs -- part of our Commission is to find those who will get and keep a Holy Seal in fulfillment of Rev:7, train them up in how to retain it, which is not easy against the forces who would see that fail. There are 12 thousand from each Tribe, and that number only counts the men. The women are not counted, so the number who are Sealed is actually significantly greater than that. And before anybody gets their panties in a twist, I didn't make those rules! Those rules were made long before anybody had even heard of equality for women! So any problem with that, take it up with The Most High.

To support President Trump in his job, we have endowed all veterans and active duty personnel as well as all first responders (police, firefighters, medical techs) with the energies of the Seven Swords of The Most High -- Sword of Righteousness, Sword of Justice, Sword of Truth, Sword of Honor, Sword of Strength, Sword of Vengeance, and Sword of Great Wrath, because they swear an oath to the Constitution. And to the Military, that oath is sacred and it doesn't stop when their tour is up. (To read those protocols to the Seven Swords, see paragraph 7918 of "The Anointed, The Elect, and the Damned!") And who is Trump appointing overwhelmingly to his Cabinet? Yes, Military. He has many times voiced his support for first responders, and even called out the corrupt among them.

Now there is a new development as of late that could throw a big curve in the plans, and that is the new business-backed space race -- Elon Musk & Company planning orbits around the moon, talking of colonizing Mars, etc. We don't know yet how the Anunnaki are going to 'ahem' -- embrace that, or even if they are behind it in some way, but we're all about finding out, and soon. How much does Trump know about them -- we do know that they have not paid a call on him in person, at least yet -- and is he trying to poke the bear? That could end up being a major disaster if that's the case . . . so we'll have to incorporate that possibility, because that kind of a disaster could severely cripple his effectiveness, and even his will to fight. It could be that the Anunnaki will simply destroy the ship, either crash it into the moon, burn it up on re-entry to the atmosphere -- there are lots of ways to take it out and protect their secrets. Or are they going to try a new tactic that would expose themselves? We just don't know yet. But we'll find out. The Most High has a way about letting his own in on such things. . .

So that's what's up about Donald Trump, and that's why people are starting to see him as divinely installed and protected -- because he is. Not because he was "chosen," but because he emerged as the worthy and the qualified.

Thanks for asking!

Kathryn Malone, AnAkurian
Excellent post. Thank you for contributing.... you couldn't have said it any better.
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