Hello fellow Nibiru believers,
I came across Stitchins book "The 12th Planet" back in 2011. At first, I wondered if the book was fiction or non-fiction, mainly, because Stitchin and Renee are both unique and pioneers, and both seemed crazy "at first", about 150 pages in, and about 6 Mo's getting to know my friend Renee, I finally realized why Jesus had such a hard time with the Romans, because this ones different. And I came to love my friend, and respect Stitchin.
have you heard the phrase "written in stone?" Dosent that mean it was meant to last forever because it's important? That's what the Sumerians did. And why? Because it's that important! My husband and I have a construction business in NY, but his father lives in the Ozarks, how interestingly convenient for us. So, we are putting together "Secure, Confidential, Underground, Development." AKA SCUD.
There's a lot more to our story than the above, but this is jus a short intro.