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With all that is happening in the heavens around us I think it is important for those who are interested to have a differing perspective on what was written in the books of the bible.
Religion has stolen these books from man placing an understanding according to Ra who I would suggest to you all is just another title of the fallen one most know as Lucifer. That is the meaning of the word religion = Ra's understanding. The written works of the bible according to Lucifer that is what we have been fed. It was near impossible to eliminate these written works it was easier for the agents of Lucifer to take them over and use them to give glory to the fallen one.
Preparing us all for what is about to happen which will be the most important event to take place in our lives = the return of the Aleim{Elohim] is of the utmost importance.
So much truth and understanding is lost by the changing of Names/Titles within these books I hope you are able to get a differing insight by what I am going to write in the following passages which you will be able to follow up for yourselves.
As the title suggests I have not written,”THE DAY OF THE LORD”, and there is a very good reason for that for it is my understanding that the Lord was the creature we know as the fallen man. Lord is just another name for Baal, the one who had goats feet many call him the Devil. So it makes you wonder why we have the Lord written in these books as the title of the Creator when in actually fact none of these books ever called the Creator the Lord, NEVER. Christians will contend that Adoni means the same thing, NO that is different, the Devil or Baal was never called Adoni. Baal the blood sipping baby eating filthy monster who thankfully is dead it was he who was called Lord. Baal had many names and while contentious as all parts of this subject are we can also call him Peter. Peter written in its Egyptian form as Ptah, it is actually true that the Christian church was founded on the rock[Ptah] just not the Peter most people have been led to believe. It was Ptah who was slain in Rome before it was called Rome when it was known as Saturnalia, Ptah the Satan.
Lord replaces our Fathers name which is IEUE, it was IEUE who created mankind and it is He who is responsible for all life as we know it on this planet, IEUE is the name actually written in your bible folks.
This four letter word which is known as the tetragrammaton which is usually converted to the unpronounceable four letters YHWH is actually pronounceable look at your Strongs bible dictionary it tells you in plain English = IEUE, you can say the name. This is why I have titled this writing as ,”THE DAY OF IEUE”.
The other title used is God, Who told us that the Creator is called God ?, Where did this most important title come from ?. This word God is planted deep within all of our psyche, even the atheist believes that the name of the Creator is God. This word God lays the very foundation of the belief structure of religion yet few question its origin or authority, it is just taken for granted invoked in our minds as being the real name of the Creator. God comes from the Arcadian name of the goddess of fortune Gad, pronounced Gawd. Even a basic research into this subject will reveal that this is true, there lays a much deeper understanding to the goddess as she is known by so many names.
The king James bible actually has Easter written in the new testament for the feast of Passover, Easter is a variant spelling for Ishtar her Sumerian name, Isis from the Greek, Mari from Babylon and so many more all of which allude to Venus the goddess = the bright and morning star = Lucifer. Lucifer is the whore of Babylon called God.
The leaders of this world get their authority and power from the whore of Babylon = God, mummy god = Magog. Your leaders are the Gog's many of you have looked for, the children of Magog, there hearts and minds devoted to power via her makes them her children. Ask your religious, political, banking, military leaders to denounce Lucifer call her a dog whore, many of them cant, they love the power, the wealth that they get from mummy, mummy's boys = Ma-sons = Gog's.
Elohim is a well known title and is pronounced as Aleim, this is where we get the English word Alien believe it or not. Elohim is the name for all the heavenly hosts, Aliens.
So when we read extracts from biblical books concerning the day of the lord we can read them as such,
Isaiah 24; 21-22
So it will happen in that day, that IEUE will punish the host of heaven on high, And the kings of the earth on earth. They will be gathered together like prisoners in the dungeon, And will be confined in prison; And after many days they will be punished.
Zephaniah 1; 14-18
Near is the great day of IEUE, Near and coming very quickly; Listen, the day of IEUE! In it the warrior cries out bitterly. A day of wrath is that day, A day of trouble and distress, A day of destruction and desolation, A day of darkness and gloom, A day of clouds and thick darkness, A day of trumpet and battle cry Against the fortified cities And the high corner towers.
Isaiah 27:1
In that day IEUE will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, With His fierce and great and mighty sword, Even Leviathan the twisted serpent; And He will kill the dragon who lives in the sea.
Zechariah 9:16-17
And IEUE their Alien will save them in that day As the flock of His people; For they are as the stones of a crown, Sparkling in His land. For what comeliness and beauty will be theirs! Grain will make the young men flourish, and new wine the virgins.
Joel 2; 30-31
"I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth, Blood, fire and columns of smoke. "The sun will be turned into darkness And the moon into blood Before the great and awesome day of IEUE comes.
Joel 2; 27-32
"Thus you will know that I am in the midst of Israel, And that I am IEUE your Alien, And there is no other; And My people will never be put to shame. "It will come about after this That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions. "Even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.
So as you can see it puts a whole lot of different meaning to these sentences and when you look at the contents of the rest of the written works some of you will have your eyes opened, others not.
God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
Windy that is very interesting and a lot to take in. I will continue to read it until I completely understand. I am not so good when it comes to retaining things and have a life that seems a constant struggle from day to day which occupies my mind way more than I had hoped for at this point in my life. So if you were to translate what you wrote in a few sentences of what you'd consider to be the most important to understand as we'll as refer to from time to time what would they be. I realize that might be difficult as everything you wrote is important but I think you know what I'm after. Tks much,
Hi Jread, I will try.
The most common word for the Creator in the bible in the original language is what most people know as Elohim. The Strongs bible concordance states for instance that it is pronounced as, "Aleim".
I use a free online version of the biblical writings called , the Interlinear Scripture Analyzer, it shows the original script with its English pronunciation and a translation, I recommend using it.
Aleim is plural and religious folk say that this alludes to the trinity the three parts to the godhead so to speak.
Aleim is plural because they are the peoples of the heaven's they are the gardeners if you like of the solar systems, they are the Alien's.
I believe this is where the word Alien originated from.
It is said that at the time of the earths harvest mankind will number one third of the people of the heavens this puts their number around 22 billion in population.
Lord just means master it is another way of saying Baal, it is impregnated into our minds when we think of the Creator, it influences the way we think about HIM. HIS name or title is not Lord the Lord was his enemy.
God the word comes from the goddess of fortune of the Arcadian civilization, this was at a time when man was given authority over the earth for the first time. She is generally known as Gad it is pronounced Gawd this is where we get the word God, it never existed as a name for the Creator until the King James was written.
The goddess of fortune Gad is mentioned twice in the bible, when the first Greek Septuagint was written [the first Greek translation of the old testament] Gad was translated as Demon, quite ironic it is used as the Creators name these days.
Again like the word Lord this word God is impregnated into psyche when we think of the Creator.
Religion has been a complete failure teaching us to use the name of THE DEMON and her boyfriend Baal as names of the Creator.
They are not Creators they are usurpers, destroyers.
It is generally accepted that Lucifer is Venus, always was, the bright and morning star. Gad/Gawd/God is just another way of saying Venus/bright and morning star/Lucifer.
Lucifer and Baal had a baby, there are many versions to the tale in all cultures here is an image of him from the Greek as Zeus Ammon, the Egyptians called him Amon Ra, he is the original lamb of God[Lucifer]. This is where the trinity comes from Lucifer/Baal/Zeus.
I hope this helps, you may have to be specific for me to address your particular inquiry, Love WINDY.


God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
Thant you so much for your response. I'm just trying to understsnd what point of theology your coming from.
Hi J read, I probably raved on a bit, the subject is so vast and contrived it is like Machiavelli upon Machiavelli. To put it simply like you asked.
God is a title of Lucifer which means the invoked one, she is inside our thoughts.
Lord is a name for the Devil the father.
Elohim the most common word translated in the bible means Alien.
Theology you ask, well religion is something man does not require. The very heart of your being reflects who you are and you do this via the actions you do yourself. A Mighty being does not require a lowly human to pray to him to tell him how good and wonderful HE is.
On a lower level you run a small company of staff and one employee tells you every day how wonderful of a boss you are, other employees sit at their jobs and do what is best for the company doing their job. You give the bonus to the staff who do what is best for the business, the one praising you is the fake one, he is the religious fake. Religion is a suckholism a fake, you will be known by who you are not by what you believe, religion itself is the false premise. WINDY
God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
Siiiigghhhhh . . . Windy -- I hope it's all right I call you that; I noticed that's how some of the other posters have addressed you -- You seem to be such a sweetheart; in fact, all of you seem so, except Synagogue. He plays the resident troll, and for the most part I'll ignore him. I was going to refute the photograph or whatever it is on skyview for the fake that it is, then tell everybody what Nibiru looks like, not just through a long-distance lense but up close walking around on it, and then I read this. It's way more urgent to straighten this out.

Because you're such a gentle soul I want to be delicate, and that's in direct conflict with my natural and first impulse when I see just how misguided you've been. Not to worry -- I'll turn my wrath against the perpetrators who fed you this damnable vomit, and I know who is responsible by the nature of the content! You're a victim here, and the Akurians are avengers for The Most High; in fact, El Aku is THE AVENGER for The Most High, emphasis on THE -- and as his disciples, we all have his same skills endowed upon us. Or, we can just report it to him, and in his time, he will exact the righteous vengeance of The Most High Lord God of All Creation and The First I AM, The Infinite Absolute. I will give you His Name, and it's not Yahweh. Neither is it IEUE, whatever that stands for. . . Frankly, that's a new one on me. . .

The Most High's Name is Aliha (long I, accent on the second syllable) Asur (pronounced Asher) High. This is the Name to NEVER take in vain, and NEVER mock! Never name any part of it on yourself or your kids, for it is His and His Alone to determine that. He has given it to El Aku for a very devious reason -- Anyone who mocks El Aku is also mocking The Most High, and that's a woeful offense. There have been many fools who have tried, and they all find out at First Judgment just how stupid that is . . .

Okay. So I'll have to get a bit organized and then let's get you some understanding; that is, if you want it. If you don't, then I'll offer it up to anyone who does. But this is important enough that I'll be speaking this one to Archangel Zerachiel, First Guardian to All Anointed Elect Witnesses in Their Generations, and Communicator Between the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Altar of The Most High. In other words, this one goes My Testimony to God's Ear . . .

Soon, in edit fashion . . .

Okay, Windy. First thing, none of this went over my head, especially the fact that so much -- everything, in fact, is so convulsively wrong about it, I was trying to be nice and maintain the decorum of civility as is the protocol on this board. I will continue in that manner for the time being. The only thing that I was unfamiliar with was your title, IEUE, so I did some searching to find out what that means. IEUE is a short form, like a nickname, for Joshua. Nothing more. Like calling him "Josh." That would be the reference to Immanuel, whose full name was Immanuel Yohoshua ben Yosef ben Nazarati at the time of his birth. Immanuel being a title meaning "God with us." He was the 125th Anointed, right after John the Baptist, and right before Peter, one of his disciples, got the appointment. He is also the 1st Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Priest. Peter's tour was pretty much usurped by the Roman Catholic Church and given credit to as the never-did-exist Saul/Paul, rife with changes, add-tos, subtract-froms, all manner of distortions so as to deify Immanuel, minimize Peter, and maintain the power of the Catholic Priesthood. And anybody who disagreed was convinced at the business end of a broadsword.

So the crux of your whole post was WHERE? does the word "God" come from? The etymology can be traced back from the German gott, Dutch god, Old Norse gud, and further, all of which mean "that which is invoked. " So what about the Spanish equivalent Dios, Latin Deus, Greek Theos, all meaning the same thing? Or do you purport that English is the only language that's relevant? In any case, the quandary over where the word "God" came from is the very least of what's wrong with your OP. So to start, let's correctly identify the entities you've named in it.

Ra - just another name for the sun, specifically, our sun. The ancient legend, myth, story or what have you is that the word "Ra" means "from the mouth of" as in when The Most High finished creation, he blew a breath on it and started it spinning. The ancient Egyptians, upon the evacuation of the Anunnaki, those who ruled as Pharoahs and priests, very often took the word Ra as part of their name, as in Amon-Ra, or Aten-Ra, to assert their authority as rulers and "gods."

Lucifer - First of the fallen Seraphim, whose name in Angelic is translated as "Son of the Sun," Sun being a term for first light, as created by The Most High, and star as a generic term for Heavenly or Celestial Body, hence the translation as Morning Star. Lucifer is NOT female! Nor is he in any way synonymous with Venus. That's just so ludicrous that even he is laughing.

Baal - An Anunnaki, still alive today, who is a very high-powered Luciferian Priest, no one to be messed with by anyone who is not equipped to defend against that level of demonic metaphysics. The reason you can find so many temples to Baal is because he built houses for all his slaves -- those who kept his property, the farmers who raised his food, the shepherds who tended his livestock, all who served him to maintain his existence, in other words. When he left the planet, those houses were then called "temples." So he is not the head or the father of all humanity, he's just another vile, greedy, power-hungry Anunnaki who succumbed to Lucifer's wiles.

Ptah - a name that Enki named upon himself when it was his turn to rule. That's all. No great mystery, no supernatural being. Enki.

Gog and Magog - Geographical Regions and the people who inhabit them. Including Russia, Mongolia, and those nations now known as Uzbeckistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., or more generally - Gog are the Muscovites (Moscow) and Magog are the countries south of Russia and north of Israel. Those inhabitants are the descendants of Japeth, the second son of Noah.

Gad is the name of one of the Tribes of Israel -- the one that settled in France. It is not the root of the word "God." We went through that. If Gad is also a God of Fortune in Arcadia (which is Greece) and Aram (present-day Syria), then how would the word "God" have derived from that which was already existed as a god and was therefore already named? Pre- or Post-Deluvium. The timing is just off. Faulty chronology.

Leviathan -- She is the only female Seraphim, and she is demonic and was among the two-thirds of the Seraphim that fell with Lucifer. She is known as the Giant Swallower and became the first glutton. She can change form, as can all the Seraphim, but she is most often represented by the Hippopotamus. Her sher (soulmate) is Behemoth, another fallen Seraphim who is known as the Gorge, and he became the first sexual deviate, the first defiler of man and the lower spirits. He's most often characterized by the Crocodile.

That brings us to Ishtar, and yes, where we get the word Easter. Mari is a nickname for Simirimis, who is the same person as Ishtar. Not the same entity as Isis, mother of Horus, wife of Osiris. Simirimis is known as the Babylonian Harlot. She is the mother of Nimrod, a product of incest with her brother Kush, son of Ham, third son of Noah. She and her son Nimrod were favored by the Anunnaki, expecially Nanherzag, because they were just as vile and corrupt as the Anunnaki. They were housekeepers for the Anunnaki, and when the Anunnaki were ordered off the planet, those who were already in their houses were appointed to "take over" as rulers. Nimrod declared himself God, that made Simirimis the "Mother of God." (Sound familiar?) The Easter and the egg thing comes from Nanherzag moving from southern to northern hemisphere with the good weather -- her runabout ship was shaped like an egg, and to keep the people awed, she claimed every year upon her return to be reborn (sprung from an egg), with the spring. Simirimis took her place, with her exit from Earth. She just went into hiding through the winter, but maintained the ruse of rebirth with the arrival of spring. There is another whole volume to explain Babylon, and I won't go any more into it here.

So, it's really not so hard to wrap your head around these entities when you have the truth of who they really are, what they did. Oh, I forgot one more. Enlil. Second born son of Anu, but firstborn out of the first wife, named An. Enki and Nanherzag's mother is named Antu. Enlil, nor anybody else for that matter, was known as Hu. If there is some documentation as to such, it's fabricated to fill in a hole in someone's very imaginary version of what was.

So your explanation of the first triad is wrong in every facet. Just abject absurdity.
As usual what I said has just gone straight over your head just like all people, Its like people are staring straight into a pair of snake eyes and can not see anything else.
The main crux of what I tried to show is this word god is supposed to be so important you reference it yourself yet where did it come from, WHERE ?
God is the name of god the Arcadian Venus, that is fact, that is where the word god came from. God is another title for Lucifer and any researcher of these matters should know this, all priests, pastors, rabbis and imams who do not know this have failed. Many of them know and pray to god Lucifer, wake up world !
We know who the Father and Mother of mankind is, it is they who have been forgotten by mankind. This is why you all call yourselves Hu-man, children of Baal, children of Hu the Sumerian name of Baal, children of the father devil.
It is very difficult to get hold of images of the Gads/gods this is an image of Greek origin showing the original triad, Lucifer Ishtar to the left a shame her image is broken, father Enlil[Hu] in the center and of course the Horus the savior son they had together who is worshiped today under many names.
God = Venus = Lucifer
Lucifer always was the bright and morning star = Venus


God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
Speaking of Venus has anyone made note how huge it looks in our sky right now. I've never seen it this big and finally have had some clear skies at night over the last week. I haven't researched where it's suppose to be right now so maybe it's normal but I've just personally never seen it look so big. I read somewhere the other day here on Planet X who stated Venus was Planet X but that I do not buy what so ever.
Hi Jread, Yeh its not difficult to see Venus with mars sitting above it in the east after sunset, its like it is reflecting light from another source isnt it.
Do you see the two planets which are below the ecliptic.
After sunset the first light I see is Venus if you look into the center of the sky another two stars are the next to observe one is right in the middle of the sky the other is towards the south of it, they move together.
I have had the telescope on them for a few months they both where further south and on the eastern horizon but have moved to the center of the sky just after sunset now, they look like planets in the telescope but the one in the center has only just got to the ecliptic plane the other is no where near it yet but moving towards it.
Has anyone else noticed these ?
God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
That makes sense then with mars being nearby. I should have caught that. It slipped my mind. I didn't notice the other two stars but haven't been sky gazing like i should lately but will this week since we are in the 50's-60's degress here in Michigan. Very very strange weather patterns this winter. I honestly don't remember one like this ever. I will be looking this week and post my findings. The way it seems is everything is nearing disaster around the world and perhaps ww3. Is all going as planned as far as the leaders are concerned? I have a gut feeling it won't be long US cities will be in chaos leading up to marshal law. I can't imagine this place in another few years let alone 10-15. I get sick to my stomach every time I turn on the tv. The subliminal messaging, transgenderism and even sex. It's gotten aweful. It's been aweful just worse. Anyway I'm getting off the subject and apologize but it somehow think this all fits together.
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