Planet X / Nibiru and related topics too extreme for the mainstream

Earth changes (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.) and extreme weather that could be caused by Planet X.
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This came from Steve Quayle's alert page.

Hello Steve,

In 2006 I was part of a team that worked under the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I was an analyst, my job was to look at CBNER equipment and report on compliance at military installations and hospitals, as well as give my opinion on what possibilities terrorist would pursue.

During one of my visits, I had completed my assessment, the officers that read my findings were very impressed and wanted to speak with me. During my questioning I was asked “what do you think would be the most likely scenario for the U.S. coming under attack? This was my answer:

“Looking at all the possibilities, current strength of the U.S. and the amount of firearms and patriots in the U.S, the only way an invasion would be possible would be if a devastating event fell upon the country. The event would have to weaken the current infrastructure to the point where all emergency response elements would be exhausted. Fire and rescue, police, National Guard and reserve military units would be overwhelmed, and the rest of the military would be overseas unable to respond in a timely manner. When this occurs, that is when foreign entities will invade the U.S, when it is weak and overwhelmed”.

Steve, the massive military movement and placement that is hurriedly going on right now is for a reason, they are preparing for something big, within the natural disaster category to occur, and it is very obvious. The powers at be know an event is inevitable, that is why food, water ammo and communications are being quickly placed underground, they know how devastating the event will be, and they know the U.S. will be over run and they are going to hide during all the chaos.

When this occurs, people are going to be taken totally off guard, because they are not telling the public what is about to occur openly. Through movies, music videos and in a massive way video games, the public is being covertly warned about what is coming, and the public is not paying attention.

Even though the word of our lord and savior clearly states, through his word, that a strong delusion will fall upon people, diverting there attention and blocking them from noticing the signs, I am still blown away watching the delusion occur. I will be fasting with you and the other men of god for the salvation of this nation.

God Bless America.

Apr 27, 2015
Some would say that all the preparations are in response to the potential Asteroid strike off the coast of Brazil Sept 24,2015. It is supposedly 2.5 miles wide and will create a tsunami that will go anywhere from 20-100 miles inland along the Easy Coast. This is why the Capital has been moved to Denver, the US Fed has moved to Chicago from NY and most Government agencies are now empty in Washington. This would also explain the massive build up in FEMA Zone 3. The timing of this coinsides with the ending of the Shimeta Year as well. Very interesting..Thoughts anyone?? :)
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