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Hello I live in Bromley a London borough and understand if planet x comes anywhere near earth much of the UK wil be under water. Having said that I am interested in setting up a London survival group or would be interested to know if anybody knows if a survival group.. From investigations I have made Planet x is getting ever closer so must prepare now.
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Hi I'm Mike from Pembrokeshire in Wales, I'm very new to all this, stumbled across the subject and did a little research but didn't take long to realise that it's real, so I would like to start planning something before it's too late, there is so much I don't know. I am contacting family members and close friends to try and form a group of us, I understand also that most of the U.K. Will be under water and am trying to research the best place to move my family to, if we could throw some ideas around that would be great
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