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This could be anything from UFOs to Fukushima to chemtrails.
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Hi there team and members.
I recommend anyone interested in alien abductions to watch the 2009 film "The Fourth Kind" starring Milla Jovovich. A great film set in Nome, Alaska where regular alien abductions take place by the"Sumerian alien race". Throughout the film it has a bit of actual film footage/sound recordings with the abductees with disturbing scenes of the Sumerian influences on them through hypnosis. Highly recommended but remember to be open minded whether you believe or not.

Hi there team and members. I recommend anybody into the alien abductions agenda to watch these films.

DARK SKIES (2013) directed by Scott Stewart.

VISITORS OF THE NIGHT (1995) directed by Jorge Montesi.

FIRE IN THE SKY (1993) directed by Robert Lieberman.

"THE MCPHERSON TAPE" (1989) Original camcorder/film - Hoax or True footage????

Hi there team and members. Alien beings have been abducting humans for countless years and now they abducting animals for their genetic DNA sampling. Cattle have been abducted many times with mutilations to their sexual organs, blood and skin tissue with precise laser type dissection equipment. Could this be used for aliens to produce hybrid high yield animals for their food cycle.

Link below for footage of a cow abduction by an U.F.O.

Hi there team and members. Humans have been abducted by alien races for many centuries, but it has recently been over the past 50 years accepted by many people due to our advancement of technology to capture or identify events of abduction. These events could be either of photo/video footage of abduction or of physical analysis of human tampering of alien abductees. Human tagging/monitoring by use of alien technology can be found inside the body on such cases.
When investigating these very small devices of unknown material and structure, they were implanted in human tissue areas like the brain and other parts of the body. Only under medical operations could these devices could be discovered and retrieved.

Link below for human abductions by alien races.

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