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I listened to an interview a while back and the guest said something I never heard before. The passing of Planet X will bring surface winds to about 200mph!!! Has anyone else ever heard of this and if so, how long will they last? If this is may be game over for just about everyone...
Yes I've read that as well from some pretty well known researchers. Only about double of what you mentioned. 400 plus mph winds. Think about it if the planet stops rotation from its current speed of 1,000 mph down to near nothing there would be some pretty serious winds. I did the math on it one time a year ago or so and I came up with around 450 mph. I do not recall how long it would last however I would guess not more than an hour or so and then the planet would begin its rotation again. Can you imagine the destruction. If you don't have a deep underground bunker I would certainly be scoping out where the nearest road/creek culverts that are nearby.
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