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Sometimes the simplest things to have in your preparedness portfolio are often the most over looked. Here are just a few.....
1. A bicycle... cheap and efficient transportation. Get a good mountain bike if you can.
2. A home made water filtration barrel....Old timers used them all the time. The bottom has a 6-8 inch empty chamber to fill up with the water. Above it would be pebble stone, above that fine sand, above that charcoal and the top would be larger stone. Also 2 pieces of thick canvass. One between the pebble stone and filling chamber and one between the larger stone and charcoal. Make sure you have a good brass spicket near the bottom that can close real tight. a 55 gallon drum is best. 50% charcoal, 30% stone and 20% sand is the ratio.
3. Pre-cut sheets of 1/2 inch plywood for your windows. 2 or 3 boxes of screws and a few rolls of duct tape. With all those meteors, even if your home is spared a direct hit...chances are the windows may blow out due to the percussion. If your going to board up the windows ahead of time...Duct tape the windows on the outside. This probably won't save them, but it will save on them glass shatter.

Just a few Simple over looked things...:)
Just a quick addition to #3. The meteor that exploded over Russia a few years ago, actually exploded 18 miles above the earth. Over 300 city blocks of buildings had there windows blown out. I'm guessing car windows are in trouble as well...
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