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Some have been giving though to building a mini-bunker for what lies ahead. I myself am not and I want to give a few reasons why:
1) Draws way to much attention. All of your neighbors will be knocking to get in. Unless your ready to kill...It just won't work.
2) Limited finances. Unless you have an extra 25-40K laying around, your Bunker will be flawed.
3) Earthquakes. Enough said
4) Folks in the south use a cooking technique where they dig a large pit and cook in it with extreme, long lasting heat. Well, your Bunker will be the pit while the Earth cooks above you. Forget the 200F temp's that are due. If your in an area of wildfires....its going to cook you alive in your Bunker if its not deep enough.
5) You may find that despite all the talk...Your area of the world just might be spared. Maybe not even a scratch. Considering no one has gone through this...The best guesses as the the destruction zones...may be off.
6) While I have heard the US will take the brunt of this disaster, 3 area's have already been pointed out as safe zone. (1) Northern Montana and northern North Dakota along the Canadian border. (2) East of the Great lakes...Buffalo to Rochester and then South to the PA border. (3) The Ozark Mountain region.

Thoughts are always welcomed...:)
I have to agree for the most part. And if you do have a bunker and are in destruction zone I would think it would need to be down minimum 25 plus feet below the surface which can also put you at risk for obvious reasons. If the surface of the planet crumbles and turns into an inferno being down 5-10 feet would be like sitting in an oven.
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