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There has been alot of talk about the debris tail of Planet X pummeling Earth. Depending on what side of the globe you are one will make all the difference......or will it? I believe the key to this is the amount of time it will take for the debris tail to complete its cycle. The other point to consider is how wide the debris tail is. Everyone has discussed the length of the tail...but not to many have discussed how wide it is. In other words if the tail is lets say is.....100 miles wide and the Earth continues its normal spin cycle.....aside from the stray meteor or two.....The Concentration Strike Zone will be easily identified and will be able to be plotted for warning area's that are in its path. Much like a 1 mile wide tornado in the heartland. They have it down to the minute when the Tornado will hit a certain area even if they are miles away...It will be the same for the Concentration Strike Zone of the tail. Now if you are in the path of the tail...Good Luck....but if worries. The variables will be how many complete revolution with the Earth complete while in the path of the tail. Although on day one, your area may be in the clear...if the Earth goes through 6 or 7 complete revolutions and the Concentration Strike Zone continues to cut its path...we would all have to pay close attention. That's the real question....How long will Earth be exposed to the tail? Some say weeks, others say months and some even say over a year..Time will tell. :)
The debris trail is not only long but very wide as well. Some areas on earth will just get hit harder than others. Think about this space just collecting for 3,600 plus years. As the trail lengthens it widens as well. Although some parts will get hit much more than others I doubt any part of the globe will go untouched all together.
I can only hope that as time goes on the tail will lessen and the atmosphere will burn them up...
Lord Humungous wrote: I can only hope that as time goes on the tail will lessen and the atmosphere will burn them up...

I think your correct. Let's hope for the best. Ive read a lot from well known researchers that claim the majority of the space debris (junk) will be from the size of your fist all the way up to 70 plus pounds. It appears we will go through it twice. Possibly 90 days apart. I can't remember for sure on the timeframe.
Welcome from sw OK. I saw a video which said that the pole switch is expected to happen so quickly that the van Allen belts are expected to fall to earth. The results of that are really unthinkable. I wouldn't have believed it but for the fact that when I googled 'effects on humans' the only hits I got referred to how dangerous the belts are to astronauts. Other articles have been wiped Clea. Smells of big brother....
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