I’ve watched numerous videos on the changes occurring on Earth. They cite the event and statistics for each one in the video, but, I can’t find them in writing! Can you point to an article that provides this?? It needs to be condensed, providing the main, most impressive statistics. I am writing an article titled, “For the Skeptics” that list 11 main topics of evidence for Planet X (including Earth changes), for people who don’t have time to watch a ton of videos to get this information. Newcomers need to see it in a concise article, maybe a chart! When I figure out how to post it on your site or Forum, I’d like to get your opinions and suggestions. Earth’s environmental changes is one of the key evidences for Planet X, but does anyone have the statistics in a condensed written report for each category/event (below), or know of someone who does? The large number of the different types of changes along with the substantial statistics to prove each event, is most convincing! I was shocked at how little I knew of these events, thanks to the Cover-up. Seeing all of them together, along with the statistics, will create a powerful impact on people's attitude about Planet X!!

99% of America has never heard of Planet X and they need introductory, condensed information explaining what it is and providing the evidence for its validity! I’d like to see Planet X News create a new section for newcomers! The first issue these people want to address is its credibility! "Is this true?" I’ve also put together a document titled “An Introduction to Nibiru for newcomers". I email it to friends and family.

Using a sentence from one of your articles: “The following events that are unfolding on a global scale are the early signs of the tribulation that will occur on this planet, as the Earth enters into the orbit of the Planet X-binary star system”: Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, Meteors, Fireballs, Waterspouts and Tornadoes,Geomagnetic Storms, Sinkholes, Mass Animal Death, Floods, Droughts, Unexpected freezes, Extreme heat waves, Intensifying Hurricanes and Cyclones, Unusually Large Hailstorms, Large numbers of Supercell Thunderstorms, increasing numbers of deaths from Lightning, Strangely strong dust devils, Red Tide Algae Blooms killing sea life.

If I can find the written statistics for each event, I could list them next to each event! That would be an eye-opener!

Thanks for your help!

BTW, I am in TN and yesterday, I photographed the Blue Cachina and another object! How can I post a photo on this Forum?


I have another project, but not sure where to post it. I want to correlate each Bible verse related to the Red Dragon's effects and destruction. I don't have the knowledge of the progression of NIbiru's effects on Earth as it passes along with the scientific knowledge and description of the sequence of events it causes. Then we can correlate these events to the Bible verses pertaining to them. What tremendous evidence this will be of the truth of the Bible and God's Sovereignty!