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My name is Tom Bauer and I'm a researcher with CMJ Productions. Were producing a show on Planet X/Nibiru to air on American Heroes Channel.

We’re interested in hearing what can be done to prep for the shift, as in any suggestions as to what people might demonstrate on the show that others might find of value. We're aware that moving to higher ground is one strategy, but are there any other things people can do?

What kind of skills and technology will be useful or needed? What are some of the various things that can be done?

If you have any ideas or would like to suggest being on the show, I can be contacted at the email and phone number below.

Thank you!


Tom Bauer
thomasbauer at sympatico dot ca
CMJ Productions II
Researcher • Recherchiste
CMJ Productions
Tel: 514-489-5499
Fax: 514-907-6154
Hello Tom Bauer:

I am Rev. Roderick C. Davis, and I am just one of an army that God has been in the process of gathering to reveal His genuine Word, and Jesus’ true Doctrine, to the world, that has been hidden due to treachery between Roman Emperor Constantine, and Orthodox Nicene Bishops of the Catholic Church, in 325 A.D. Due to the treachery of those parties, the factual doctrine Jesus gave to mankind in fulfillment of Scripture, has been hidden, and instead the counterfeit doctrine of Pauline Christianity has been preached throughout the centuries to Christians, and Catholics are included in that group, throughout the world.

Sadly, Christians feel they have been saved due to the counterfeit doctrine preached by Pharisee Saul/Paul, and in all reality, they have not. There is a mountain of biblical evidence which proves that fact way beyond doubt. God is a loving God, and that is proven in the Old Testament. The vindictive images is created of Him in the Old Testament, are not of Him, but of men to suit their needs and traditions.

I mentioned the fact that God is a loving God, for he has been gathering an army to allow the world to know His genuine Word, and Jesus’ true Doctrine, and through their free will souls will choose which avenue they wish to follow. God does warn before implementing punishment, and that fact is made clear in 1 and 2 Samuel. His army that He has been gathering, will make clear that which a soul must do to make amends and repent before the pending disaster arrives, or so to speak, get their spiritual house in order.

I would be pleased to talk with you to shed more light on that which I have shared. With that in mind, I'll give you my email address in my follow up post.

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Roderick C. Davis
Hello again Tom Bauer:

Please send an email to me at, and I’ll respond with my contact information.

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Roderick C. Davis
Also do a search on this form under at the search button. There is some great info. Some I have written personally however there are so many factors involved from location to populated areas and on Mac on. Some things will not change regardless. Start gathering supplies, food, extra water or the means of such, survival gear, survival communities with like minded others, special need talents and professions within. It's a very easy thing for me to Es,blue and no need to repeat so be sure and do a search. Again there are several great threads started that cover many issues/concerns
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