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Hi people or educated mankind, I've been studying a lot about the pyramids of Giza. for a long time, even joined freemasonry to try discover more , after reaching 18th degree, and senior warden in my mother lodge.I became very frustrated, I found that the elder masons, who had run the show for a number of years were a load of thieving bastards, anyway that is another story. I'm an Electrician by trade and understand a lot of disciplines of electrical theorises, having worked In various parts of the industry for 45 years, I hope to be able to learn more from this forum, and add my own input, it has been a long and slow progress I find here, we need to have a greater input no matter how trivial you think it is, it could be something important, who Knows? put it up !!! if only for debunking, doesn't matter, peer judgment is always welcome , I have so much more to discuss, look forward to educated discussions in this forum. Chris
Hi Chris just thought I'd let you what I've found out. Fema camps marital law pole shift increasing weather abnormalities volcanic activity increasing ,sink holes Russian troops learning English on America soil to police Americans the fact that when it goes past it will wipe your memory and loads more like millionaires disappearing from cities all over America into underground cities president Obama given complete authority over resources all resources herding Syrians out of their homeland so they can live there themselves herding even more people into Europe dividing them so they fight each other rather than the real puppet masters this is what is going to happen
Hi there to members across the globe. I like to thank the planetxnews website team and members for their informative views. My username is Swindonplanetx, from the U.K. I have been studying strange events, conspiracy theories, alien intervention activities for a long time now. I do class myself as a X-files "Fox Mulder" from the U.K . The "Planet X" or "Nibiru" topic has recently captured my interest with more evidence presented on a daily basis through media and social forums. I talk to many friends, family and workmates regarding the topic of "Planet X", governments lies and cover ups regarding issues over political ideas/bickering, financial situations, global weather and other media topics. I am hoping people will wake up to the actual truth what is going on in the world. I would like to hear from other members with their own theories or evidence regarding the "Planet X" situation.

Many thanks for viewing my ramblings. Swindonplanetx.
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Hi I'm Mike from Pembrokeshire in Wales, I'm very new to all this, stumbled across the subject and did a little research but didn't take long to realise that it's real, so I would like to start planning something before it's too late, there is so much I don't know. I am contacting family members and close friends to try and form a group of us, I understand also that most of the U.K. Will be under water and am trying to research the best place to move my family to, if we could throw some ideas around that would be great
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