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Good afternoon and thank you, Administrators, for accepting my request to join this forum.

I have been doing a lot of research, lately, as far as how both types of pole shifts can effect the earth. Much of the information is conflicting, although since we have not experienced a catastrophe of this magnitude in our lifetimes, it would make sense that most can only speculate.

So, how can we best prepare for this, with so much information and misinformation? Are there any safe places that are generally agreed on by the majority of researchers? And how did they come to those conclusions? For example, I live in Ohio near Lake Erie, about 25 miles inland but at approx 850-1000 ft above the lake level. All of the maps I look at including the Navy map of "future America" shows Ohio to be unaffected. I find it difficult to believe that, considering I live next to a semi large body of water. :-)

I am continuing to research this, which is how I found this forum. I was so grateful to find all of you and look forward to putting our minds together in regard to this subject now and in the days and weeks to come. MokJay777
I can appreciate your comcerns. Your correct by the info / misinfo. It's a difficult nut to crack. I have a feeling we will face more disinformation the closer we get to catastrophic events. I myself live in NW MI and very close to lake MI and would expect some shitty days in store as Planet X nears. I would imagine we'll go through it a couple of times. First when the magnetic poles lock and either push or pull and second when the Planet X system slingshots back out. I have researched your area as well as parts of Indiana and those areas appear to be safe havens. I know what your thinking though with such a large body of water nearby. Regardless be prepared for a backlash so to speak no matter where you reside. Sounds like once again depending on exactly where your at but water will inevitably go several miles inland and slowly make its way back to where it will remain. From what I understand it takes any light to medium soils back out with leaving only the more solid rocky and clay areas somewhat stable. Even though where I'm at is 750 plus or minus above sea level I am still only a mile from lake MI. I would spend some time looking and researching for higher stable grounds. Kinda a go to place so to speak you can focus on if and when the time comes. It really sucks living your life having to have two sets of plans in case of what ifs however I do honestly believe those times of complete chaos are near. Way to much evidence out there not to be. When you look at everything that has gone on in the last 20 years from one thing to another it only leads to one conclusion. If your in the market pull out now and start preparing the best you can with food, water and supplies even if it's just a little here and there. It's certainly better than nothing. If you do so you will find yourself in 6 months with a little stash that could safe you and your love ones. Act now though. As far as where we're at when the time goes I truly believe we will be where we're suppose to. But being there with no means of survival is not really a good thing. Consider this day and site a wake up call. Once u find the few regarding the subject that you trust stick with them. There is a handful out there but tread carefully. Watch the video from latest article with David meade.

I am a pretty conservative individual however have been on board and awake for apprx 4 years now. It's not easy being awake and sometimes question your own sanity however stay focussed. With you yourself finding your way to this site is for a reason. I am 100% with God however and believe he will help guide us but we need to listen and watch for the signs every moment of every day. If you feel the urge to do something or go somewhere at any given mo eat then do so without question. This will without a doubt be a true test. Some will simply wanna roll over and die like yesterday and others will strive to survive. The more you learn now the better off you will be. Imagine life after all the dust settles. Who would ever think we live in these times but we do and we are. Sure there will times like we've never thought possible but... We can survive this and God wants us to. Let's just make sure and do our best to not fall in the same trap as we are now. We will be free. Find others you can trust with your life and get them involved making our future a joint community type effort. Alone is not the way regardless how much you have and how much you prepare.

Food, ammo, supplies from medical to how your gonna start a fire. Plan accordingly and don't expect help from our wonderful leaders down to our local authorities. Only help I can honestly see from them is to be led to a fema camp where you will be separated upon arrival from your family. You must assume your on your own. I really don't think those deep underground bunkers are for us do you? So THEY are preparing for the inevitable shouldn't we also? Act now. Make little list and strive to check them off one by one.

Good luck and keep your eyes in the sky. Once again I can't strive enough to watch the most recent article and video with David meade. That is extremely well done all in a 35 minute video.
Thank you for your reply. I agree as far as the preparation of food, ammo, etc. It seems like getting into the habit of 'living simply' now would better prepare us for living in the post flyby. Keeping money in cash in a safe (taking out of the bank and finding alternative ways to invest...perhaps in necessities that can be used for trade in exchange for other necessities?) Medical care will be a big issue. I have a couple of family members that I am concerned about. One is on heart meds and the other is on dialysis. It will not be easy to get heart medication or go to dialysis treatments post flyby as the corner drug store or treatment center may not even be standing much less manned. I hate to say this, but would I have to loot the area of where Rite Aid used to be standing in search of heart medication in order to keep a family member alive??

I feel, as well, that everyone will be where they are supposed to be at the time this occurs. Those who are ment to survive will. Only, I would hope to have a stable healthy mind. I have read material about the possibility of this flyby effecting our brains...possibly wiping out our formatting a C drive. Where the heck would I find a lead hardhat? Having a straight mind is a must :-).

Again, I am glad and thankful to have found this site.

BTW - I have seen David Meade's podcast and the video footages he referred to. I posted one of those videos on this forum under that subject Topic. Yes, after doing light research on Nibiru flyby, it was David Meade's podcast and the video footage he recommended that was the turning point in my taking this a bit more seriously. I continue to see more and more people come forward from all over the world with photos, videos and testimony of this which is a positive thing.
Don't feel stupid about the hard hat. I've read that some past survivors memories where wiped out. Imagine that during or after such an event. Do you have to learn everything over again or is it just parts of your brain that gets wiped out but yes I've read the same. I can only speculate however I can see how this would happen. It makes since. My only thought concerning that is to be as far below the earths surface as possible. That's easier said than done I know. The other thing is do a search on lead hats. They do sell them overseas. Sounds crazy but it makes sense. I even heard a cia insider discuss this. Does that mean it's true? Hard to say but if it didn't make sense to me personally then I would say heck with it but since it makes "sense" I would say find some lead lined hard hats.

Medication needed - see if it's possible to find from alternative places under another name. I'm not saying it's even possible however I have found several meds online not for human consumption. It's an at your own risk deal but better than the alternative unless one is fortunate day of flyby rummaging through pharmacies. I've tried the antibiotics from online for a bad staph infection and it cleared it up as I expected however was a great trial. That was amoxicillin for osteomyelitis in my leg. 100% fact. Very reasonable to purchase also.
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