Planet X / Nibiru and related topics too extreme for the mainstream

This could be anything from UFOs to Fukushima to chemtrails.
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Lars Von Trier wrote and directed this film based on information he gathered about Planet X


First 4 mins (the best 4 mins of the film)
Wow. Plan to watch the movie tomorrow night. How was the movie? Can't believe this one slipped by me. Looks good and a bit creepy as well.
Hey how did you find the movie?

TBH I found it rather boring at parts but amazing at others, like most of his films really.
Watched the other night on Netflix. It was really kind of a depressing movie. I haven't felt normal since I watched it. I agree with what you said but definitely a unique movie the way it was filmed etc. 30 to 45 minutes of the movie was a real ass kicker right up in your face. Watched in surround sound also. It was very convincing. I certainly recommend to watch but just have an open mind.
yep. talk about CONVINCING !! This movie is about as real as it gets. Of course it is set apart AWAY from normal society and you really are looking at it from one unique perspective...but it makes you confront your own thoughts and or fears on just how you are going to react WHEN we see it in the sky blatantly unmasked and confronting. Worth telling others about ....
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