Planet X / Nibiru and related topics too extreme for the mainstream

Earth changes (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.) and extreme weather that could be caused by Planet X.
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squash wrote: Has everyone heard about these 6.0 plus earthquakes along the eastern coast of Asia? Three within 24 hours! Holy crap. What do you think? Magnetic Polar shift? Nibiru gravity pulling on tectonic plates? I feel like this is the start of something bigger.

None of the above.....Earthquakes are solely earth related and are absolutely not dependent on external forces of any kind.
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This year was one for the record books, from political election results that took the world by storm to actual storms that shook spots across the globe. The year began with winter storm Jonas, also known as "The Storm of the Century," which brought a record amount of snowfall to the Northeast. But 2016 may well be known as the year of the earthquake, as areas around the world trembled from seismic activity. Here are some of the headline-grabbing natural disasters that occurred this year.
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