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Everything here must be directly related to Planet X / Nibiru.
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Has Planet X / Nibiru finally arrived?

It's finally arrived and will only become more visible over time
I'm not sure if this is it but it could be
I doubt this is it
This is not it but it will arrive later
I don't believe in Planet X / Nibiru
Total votes : 63

Do a Google search for "Planet X" and you'll see dozens of mainstream articles beginning around December 10th talking about the possible discovery of Planet X / Nibiru. So we want to know, do you think Planet X / Nibiru has finally arrived?
Yes It has arrived
I believe it's there but perhaps a little further out than I expected. Personally I have no doubts what so ever. Now it's a question how fast this system travels through space. Undoubtably changes depending on its position relevant to the sun etc however I've read anywhere from 3,500 mph to literally the speed of light. Wtf
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Awesome site.
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My pleasure! Love and Light my friend.
For me Nibiru it's the last believable/possible thing in all things that you can hear/read on internet. I heard about it for a couple of years now and it's still now very likely to me. At first it was only one planet and it was the most crazy thing a heard. When nothing happend in 2012 this story had gone quiet for a little while, after years I heard of it again and it was crazier than before. Now the story is not about a planet but a whole solar system, 6-7 planet in total, seriously mad stuff. Story grew bigger and some people started to connect this to Revelations of St. John whole Seals, Trumpets, and other stuff. Now to me it sounded a little more ...
For me everything changed a little a couple of days ago, when I made some pictures I saw something with my own eyes I don't know what that is but it looks like it's 'evil' twin of our sun as some people call it --> another planetary system.
Even after that I still think of it as something crazy and not likely to happen but ... I don't know anymore, I guess "Truth hurts the most" as I'm always saying
Yes it has. The due date is either March 26th, 2016 according to Gill Broussard and 5 Planets lining up between January 20th and February 20th or being a doubting Thomas in October. Why then and not now? According to Isaiah the Day of the Lord will be a one year event and will cover both the Trumpet and Bowl judgments. According to an indepth research of Stellar events since 1996, the time frame for the 12 judgments can be on the First sliver of the New Moon (12x), on a Wednesday (52x) or on one of the annual Sabbaths of Leviticus 23 and since Passover is not an annual Sabbath, we also have to include it in the count.
If the 10 judgments of the Exodus could be poured out in 5 months then all 12 judgments can be fitted into a 7 month period or even a 12 month period.

The Day of the Lord
Prophecies about the coming Day of the Lord can be found in the writings of many of the Old Testament prophets, and Isaiah is no exception. This subject is covered from chapters 2 to 66. Unlike the dualism of the prophecies to Israel and Judah, most prophecies about the Day of the Lord are for an event yet to come. These foretell a time of awesome and frightening events leading to the return of Christ. Many people think of it as “the end of the world,” although it is really just the end of this present evil age.
Isaiah explains that the Day of the Lord will last for one year (Isaiah 34:8; Isaiah 61:2; Isaiah 63:4). The principle of a day for a year in prophecy also applies to the Day of the Lord (Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6). It is the year of the “Lord’s vengeance” or God’s wrath (Revelation 6:17).
In the earlier chapters on this subject (2, 13 and 24), Isaiah describes the effects of God’s wrath on this world. Men will hide in caves in terror (Isaiah 2:19-21), the earth will be shaken and possibly moved from its orbit (Isaiah 13:13), and the earth will become almost empty and a total waste (Isaiah 24:1, 3, 6). Isaiah also speaks of the Day of the Lord as a time of war (Isaiah 31:8-9). These events are also described in the seven trumpets of Revelation 8-9.
God further reveals through Isaiah that the “daughter of Babylon” will be destroyed in the Day of the Lord (Isaiah 47:1, 5, 7, 9). These verses are almost identical to those of Revelation 18:7-8, 17-19, 21. This Babylon is the final end-time government and its religious system that will be destroyed at Christ’s return.
The time of God’s wrath will come to an end when “the great trumpet will be blown” (Isaiah 27:13) and Jesus Christ will return to the earth (Revelation 11:15).
While the Day of the Lord often focuses on the wrath of God (the punishment that will come upon the disobedient for one year before Christ returns), this term is also used in a broader way by John in Revelation 1:10 to describe all the events—including the wrath of God, the Millennium and events thereafter—that will occur after Christ’s return. Virtually every Old Testament prophet who warned of God’s judgment on the Day of the Lord also spoke of restored peace and prosperity that will follow the judgment.

Below is a possible timeline for 2016.

Timeframe for 2016. Sometime this year Martial Law between March and September for North America.
March Rosh Chodesh (First sliver of the New Moon) Global Earthquake (Revelation 8:5). Watch for it. If it does not happen then it will be in October. The chaos will begin in late March by what some say.
Passover Week Rapture of the Children and believers or brides (some of them).
March 26th Meteorite (Storm Revelation 8:7) Location: North and South America Possibly. Kill: 40-80 percent.

May 1st NWO in force. One World Religion in force. Worship on Sunday only or Friday. Better plan on Sharia Law period. No more freedoms.

May 14 Double Sabbath Pentecost (Possible Rapture Date of Believers).

May 28th or 24th, possible USA Economic collapse. Fema Camps are now open to take you in. Have a nice short life.

‘CHILL MAGNETIC REVERSAL’ but a rare kind that happens very quickly, and its most intense drifting will take place between JUNE 14TH AND AUGUST 19TH 2016. Kill: 75-80 percent of humanity, plants, and animals. Magnetic North shifts 124 degrees. It goes from North to South to South to North. Plan on a Nuclear Winter over the next 2-3 years. Radiation fire. Fire by burning.

All outgoing flights from USA cancelled. Only incoming from Islamic Nations.

Gasoline prices: 100.00 per gallon by now. Don’t be surprised. Plan on it.

October will be the coming of the Nibiru and the pole shift.
Day of Trumpet (First sliver of the New Moon in late September/October (Oct 2nd) Rapture of the Bride. Believers who have been following Torah. No Tattoos, No Pork and Ocean Bottom Feeders. No buying or selling on Friday night to Saturday night. No work on the Sabbath (Saturday). Off on all Annual Sabbaths.
According to Haggai 2. Chanukkah for Pole Shift December 24th.

The Antichrist will be known by this time. Contenders: Obama. Erdogan, Apostikane, Prince William, and the possibility of the white or black pope.

False Prophet: Pope.
I forgot to add 52 regular Sabbaths to choose from but since the Sabbaths are a day of rest, I don't think it will happen on the Sabbaths.
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