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Has Planet X / Nibiru finally arrived?

It's finally arrived and will only become more visible over time
I'm not sure if this is it but it could be
I doubt this is it
This is not it but it will arrive later
I don't believe in Planet X / Nibiru
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can we stop this massive extinction
dunlevy wrote: can we stop this massive extinction

If it were actually happening no...But since its not happening why worry about it?
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
See you the page Apolyon in the direction 3 w point angelruizcediel point es. It's very, very interesting. Although it's in Spanish, has caused great sensation in many forums of the USA. You can watch the video or read the book. Insightful, shocking.
Could be Revelation 12 coming to pass..."woman clothed with the sun..."
I am afraid to draw any conclusions. I read Zitchen in the 80's
David Donathan wrote: I am afraid to draw any conclusions. I read Zitchen in the 80's

Well then you don't have anything to worry about because he was wrong.
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
Nibiru is still about 1250-60 years out, so we have a little while. However, the Anunnaki are here in a small force, somewhere around three to five thousand of them at any time. This number changes regularly, as they have ships coming and going all the time. The main headquarters is inside the moon, where Yahweh, the Earth Detachment Commander, stays parked most of the time with his ship, the cigar-shaped "pillar" that led the Israelites around in the desert during the reign of Moses as the Anointed of that generation.

They also inhabit the tunnels inside the Earth that go everywhere, the deepest of which are about at the 50-mile mark. Some of the tunnels are as wide as five or six miles, wide enough for a small ship to navigate, and it takes about six minutes to get from the U.S. to the UK. They manage and manipulate the HAARP system from underground as well as a sophisticated djed network installed at around 200,000 miles out, fully cloaked at all times, circumnavigating the entire globe.

They are also in league with NASA, covertly, "helping" with the International Space Station, from which they hope to holographically project the "invasion" that everyone who is remotely awake to their presence so fears, (or some even foolishly look forward to, because we're such good "Space Brothers" and all . . .LOL!)

It's true, they are hellbent to destroy the Anusazi (that's us humans) - translated as "slaves of Anu" but in order to avoid the penalty (they THINK) before The Most High, they must manipulate mankind into destroying ourselves. So there is plenty to worry about with their presence on, in and around our planet, but it is not a hopeless, foregone conclusion that they will win.

The Akurians are the manifestation of the Heavenly Host, incarnating now to stop them from the annihilation of all humanity. There will be carnage, just as promised in the Revelation, but it won't be a total wipeout. They, like all the demonics, are prevented from harming those with the Holy Seal in their foreheads. And where we are in those prophesies, the Second Horseman took peace from the Earth in 2009. His incarnation is here on Earth, he is the last of the promised 175 Anointeds, and he will be 81 years old in March this year.

The Third Horseman is none other than Horus, and he is in an incarnation now (same one) on Nibiru. He has yet to be given his order to crack his seal and begin to render his judgments upon Earth and Nibiru as to equal measures. But it's coming -- nobody knows exactly when, not even Horus. Since such things are situationally conditional with The Most High (if this, then that), it is likely that some irrevocable event will trigger that signal, and darned if we know what that event might be, but we'll know when it happens. The foreshadowing is upon us, with all the talk of everything being "so unfair." So anyone who thinks that they can separate politics from religion from science and still come up with a complete picture, including an accurate timeline, oughta think again. That would be an Anunnaki manipulation to keep people from knowing the whole truth.

False religions (all of them are), Marxism, communism, fascism, socialism and progressivism (social engineering) and all the junk science, such as the Big Bang Theory (totally flawed), climate change, and many others, are all Anunnaki damnations designed to facilitate human self-destruction.

But take comfort. Humankind does prevail, and we're here for the good fight.

Hello, everyone. I'm an Akurian, and I'll be introducing myself in the proper place soon.

Thank you for facilitating somewhere to get the word out there.
What? Are you a talking head for the Ancient Alien show or something? According to some of your counterparts here old fake Nibiru is scheduled to make an appearance at various dates this year....Lets see we have February, September and October, those are the months I recall right now. Going to have to start writing all these far fetched predictions down so I can remind those who made them that they failed again.
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
It may look like a painting by Vincent van Gogh, but this mass of swirling colors is really a satellite image depicting a huge bloom of phytoplankton, or microscopic marine plant life, in the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

NASA acquired the image on Sept. 23 using its Suomi NPP weather satellite. The spacecraft is equipped with a special imaging tool known as the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), which collects visible and infrared imagery.

To create this artful picture, NASA combined data from the red, green and blue infrared bands of VIIRS with additional data about the levels of chlorophyll (green pigments found in algae and plants) present in the North Atlantic Ocean. Like terrestrial plants, phytoplankton contain light-absorbing chlorophyll and need sunlight to live and grow.

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66% believe this garbage....Well at least the hoax is working....Poor souls.
"It’s a campaign of fear and consumption," "Keep people afraid and they’ll consume." Marilyn Manson
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