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Everything here must be directly related to Planet X / Nibiru.
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Has Planet X / Nibiru finally arrived?

It's finally arrived and will only become more visible over time
I'm not sure if this is it but it could be
I doubt this is it
This is not it but it will arrive later
I don't believe in Planet X / Nibiru
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If we found an egg and we knew it was there. Could pick it up pass it around and everyone accepted its existence, doesn't mean that egg would ever hatch in our lifetime.

But I'm terrified for me and my son of that possibility.

I won't set a date but lets be prepared for it to happen at any time.

I'm not religious but I am logical. If we have received signs of revelations for the passed 5-10 years then things may not happen immediately after one another... i.e. one event may take 3 years then next may not start for another year........

I still scared, and I think we should all be. Though I wish I had money like other people so I could save lives too.

Look for the red dawn but not in the morning, the evening dawn of red light in the western sky just prior to sunset.
The red band of light in the western sky on dusk will rise above the horizon every evening now, you will notice a deeper blue band rise under the red sky which is from the red light deepening its hue.
Look at the Moon, in the eastern sky it is more evident the base of the Moon is red reflecting the red light of Nemesis,
it is in our solar system NOW.
Look at all our planets they are all reflecting a longer light reflection at their bases, which are all RED pointing all of them directly at Nemesis.

God is the Arcadian name for Ishtar the whore of Babylon, Romans called her Lucifer.
It's here it's coming, kiss your arses goodbye.
Hi there. Finally after many years denying Planet X existed NASA has come out 13/06/16 with pictures of the Known "Planet x" or "Nibiru" sized planet with its binary system. NASA "experts" say its 3700 light years away???. Sounds like another bit of mis-information to the general public. The questions we ask now is when was the picture taken by kepler?? How far is the planet system from earth today. How fast is this Jupiter sized Planet X going???

The date of 23/9 was bounded around many times through different coded avenues like films, programs, bible codes, illuminati cards and conspiracy theorists. Will it be for 2016 or my prediction of September 2017???

FEMA are on standby and most countries around the world have their underground bases ready and waiting for this impending event. Life will go on, time will tell whether Planet X will affect planet Earth with the Volcanic, Earthquake, tidal wave, rising sea levels, polar shifting, comet/asteroids due to its gravitational pull.

Thanks for viewing my concerns. All the best. Swindonplanetx.
I continue to believe around the sept-nov 2017 time frame at the very least to be visible and known to the world. There will be obvious signs with no denying it. As far as I'm concerned the so called recent nasa or Kepler acknowledgment is just to put everyone at ease with the said distance they so claim. Personally I think the Planet X system was starting to be more of a topic with more and more people becoming aware however after hearing the distance it is they go back to sleep which is exactly what the powers at be and governments want. Personally I'm going with the 2017-2019 timeframe. Hey the longer the time we have the better. It is extremely frustrating just not knowing for sure. These recent lightening strikes across the globe are extremely strange also not to mention general chaos weather we've been having across the globe. Volcanos erupting daily and earthquakes becoming more frequent in strange places. The moon rotating and the earth wobble and on and on.

When we have daily meteors and fireballs with record breaking numbers is when I'm gonna be getting up and absolutely know at that point the system is nearing to the point of hang on or hunker down. It's also speculated we will see world war 3 before also. Will that yet be another sign? Who's to say for sure. Will the markets and currencies crash before hand also. I believe so. Just watch for celebrity type status among the elite start to disappear as I've heard some already have. Regardless what exactly this system is and the chaos it brings I truly believe we will start to see things fall apart within our world governments as they perhaps will be going underground as well. Rioting.. Etc
Administrator wrote: Do a Google search for "Planet X" and you'll see dozens of mainstream articles beginning around December 10th talking about the possible discovery of Planet X / Nibiru. So we want to know, do you think Planet X / Nibiru has finally arrived?

Look up the lightening strikes over the past month or so.
Do you known if the date of nibirus closest pass to earth is 23rd September 2017?
RayWillcocks wrote: Do you known if the date of nibirus closest pass to earth is 23rd September 2017?

According to David Meade's prediction but I would not hold my breath expecting it....Everytime this fake planet fails to show they just move the date up a year. I guess sooner or later they will get lucky.
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Regardless just keep preparing little by little. So if it not 2017 and so on that's great. More time you have to prepare. Something is strange going on regardless. If people refuse to see all the signs so be it. Be ready
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