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This could be anything from UFOs to Fukushima to chemtrails.
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The first time I saw something odd in the sky I was about 8 or 9 years old. My family lived in Montgomery, Alabama and one of my sisters and I were laying across the bed looking out the window. We saw a large disc shaped craft with different colored lights all around the outer edge of it. It was very high and moving slowly, or at least it seemed that way to me.

A few years ago I had a job that required a lot of travel. There were 3 of us and I always took the back seat and loved to watch the sky at night and even in the day. :) Once at night, traveling from Panama City Beach, Fl to Daytona Beach, I was looking at the sky and noticed 3 lights that seemed lower than the stars but still extremely way off. They were of the same brilliance and were situated away from each other in what formed a large triangle. My gaze kept being drawn back to them and as I kept looking, one of them left it's position and headed toward one of the others. It came close to the other and stayed a few minutes and then started back to it's former position. I lost sight of them before it got there though.

This one happened in the day and was the strangest thing I have seen--- We were traveling again, this time through Iowa on 29 toward Sioux City. I'm looking at the wispy clouds and suddenly a "cube" popped into being, then another and another. There were 4 total. They were almost clear and as each one "popped" into view, they were already attached to each other. They were enormous and at cloud level. I kept looking away and then back at it because I couldn't believe I was seeing it! They formed an L shape, but like an L laying on it's back with the short end on top. I had never heard of cube craft or of the almost clear appearance.
Hi Diamond

I have watched the skies my entire life but alas I have seen nothing so I am jealous of you seeing so many, hopefully if you see anything like that again maybe you can get a picture and we can post it for you

Hi there members and team. Living in Wiltshire, UK, i have witnessed many strange unidentified objects/lights in the skies across the county but unfortunately i didn't catch them on film or photo. Visited many fields around the Salisbury /Avebury /Alton Barnes regions containing artistic crop circles with planet shapes and strange mathematical signatures. Most are fake, but a small percentage cannot be explained with some created overnight within minutes with strange orb lights associated with them. Alien intelligence intervention would be my logical suggestion for these. Swindonplanetx.
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